March 29, 2014

The Star of Multi-Purpose Cleaners

I don't know about you, but I've spent years looking for a cleaning product for the kitchen and bathrooms that truly works. One that doesn't smell horrible, doesn't cost a fortune and actually cleans is dang near impossible to find.

With our budget, those handy little one-time-use Lysol and Clorox wipes became impractical. Especially when it takes a whole bunch of them to clean anything and they don't even clean that wonderfully. Multi-purpose sprays came with a host of issues from the smell to not working at all. I hate bleach since the smell gives me a horrible headache and makes me sick to my stomach. It's also not safe around kids. There are plenty of natural products on the market but they tend to cost an arm and a leg while not always working the best. Nothing I tried even began to touch hard water stains on the sinks, toilets, counters or faucets, no matter how hard I scrubbed or what tools I used.

I had sadly resigned myself to Lysol until, one day, I could take it no more. I was totally fed up with the scent not coming out of the rags unless I washed them repeatedly with an insane amount of scented detergent. Many washings and lots of soap negated saving money by using rags. Plus, all the soap left the rags hard and icky (and still smelling a bit like Lysol). I was tired of smelling it all over the house, having M2 breathe it and it burning my hands.

As I stared at my hard-water stained sink with despair, a light popped on in my Lysol-smell-filled brain. A glimmer of hope existed. I'd been leery of trying it for years, fearing it was so simple it would never work. K had suggested it herself, extolling its virtues, a few weeks before as I told her of my Lysol woes. Finally, at my wits end, I pulled out the white vinegar from under the sink. It seemed to glow, like a be-decked Christmas tree. Angels sung from above. With one use of that vinegar on my kitchen sink, I discovered the most wonderful, cheap, effective and safe cleaning product I'd even laid my desperate-for-clean eyes on--white vinegar. Yes, folks, plain, simple white vinegar diluted with water.

After the kitchen, I quickly scampered into the bathroom to test it there. Lo and behold--my kitchen and bathroom sparkle. All the hard water stains disappeared with minimal effort. The rags came clean on the first wash leaving no nasty residual smell. The toilets gleam and lost their rings. My hands don't sting or burn. Everything is disinfected. No nasty, harmful fumes hang about. It is AMAZING! And cheaper!

Simply keep a large jug of white vinegar ($2.50 or less a bottle) on hand along with a spray bottle. Mix a 50/50 solution in the bottle and clean away. It works in the kitchen, bathrooms, outside on patio furniture--anywhere. If you want the vinegar smell to go away faster, dry surfaces with an old towel after cleaning. I don't know how I ever lived without it. You've got to try it. Seriously.

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