April 3, 2014

Dishwasher Disconnect

It's a standing rule that when you own a home, something will always break. For us, the March breakdown was our washer and dryer. Both were promptly replaced with new Whirlpool models that (knock on wood) work great and I love. In a matter of three days, we went from old and busted to new and energy efficient.

April's break down is our dishwasher. It came with the house when we bought it last summer and was brand new. It's not top-of-the-line by any means but worked great and had no reason to go kaput in less than a year of use. I had run it and when A went to unload, he noticed it was all still dirty with water in the bottom. Thinking it was a clog, he checked for that. Then checked the sink. Then tried Draino. It just didn't make sense! What was up with this thing?!

Before he dismantled the sucker, I suggested we run it to see what would happen. A was leary; what if it started leaking all over the place? That would not be a fun mess. As we debated, I checked it out further and noticed that there wasn't much water in the bottom. Odd, if it had just stopped draining there should be more. Also, the dishwasher itself was dirty as though no water had run through it for long. Plus, the soap dispenser never engaged. That happens early on in a cycle. Sherlocking it out, I realized it must have stopped early into the cycle and never even washed. But why?

Then I figured it out. The day I ran the dishwasher, one of the outlet breakers had popped when I accidentally pushed it putting in those safety outlet covers. I kept popping it as I was pushing the test rather than reset button. The dishwasher is on the same breaker. It had popped, stopping the  dishwasher, and I just never noticed!

We started the dishwasher up again, keeping an eye on it, and the first thing it did was drain the water in the bottom. Obviously, no draining issue if it did that! Followed was an uneventful wash cycle.

If only all home breakdowns and repairs were this easy. The takeaway of this story? When it comes to something electronic, check your breakers. It may be an easy, quick fix.

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