April 21, 2014

Easter Dinner Redux

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter! We celebrated as a family on Saturday then M2 and I spent the actual day with her cousins, uncle and aunts. She had a ball and has spent most of today sleeping to recuperate. Her Easter basket of books, tub toy, stuffed animal and plate and bowl set was a hit. The little chair, giant ball and Cozy Coupe went over even better. She even figured out the egg hunt quickly and loved that, though she insisted on opening every egg (once she figured out they opened) as soon as she found it and bit a few head off some chocolate chicks and bunnies--foil and all.

As I mentioned in my Easter Dinner post here, I'd planned to share the recipes. However, I ended up not making the cheesecake, Jello salad or bunny rolls and the monkey bread went a bit screwy. It was still edible and not horrid by far, but wasn't what it should be or good enough to share. I'm still not entirely certain what went wrong, all the yummy goo just disappeared or turned hard. We were left with a pan of biscuits covered in cinnamon and a bit of goo here and there. M2 loved them, though she's also never had the really good ones so isn't the best judge.

The macaroni salad turned out well, that one is hard to mess up and I had A do it. It's his family recipe so he knows what he's doing. I'd share that recipe if I weren't afraid of making the family angry. Though, it'd probably be worse if I gave out the pierogi recipe that's been passed down through the generations. In my family, it's the sugar cookie recipe that's kept under tight lock. We'll be enjoying the leftover ham, veggies and mac salad this week.

How was your Easter?

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