April 16, 2014

Easter Dinner

Our yard in spring last year.
I love holidays. It's a good excuse to spoil M2 some, spend a relaxing day with family and cook up some yummy food. Easter for me means beautiful flowers, warmth returning and the start of something new. The flowers rank especially high on my list.

This year, due to A's work schedule, we're celebrating Easter on Saturday. I'm spending the days leading up to it getting the house spic-and-span (with A's help) since I've been too sick as of late to do much cleaning. A clean house for a holiday is a must for me.

It'll be the first Easter that M2 is old enough to participate, so I'm also planning some surprises. She'll have a fun egg hunt and a bunny basket with a few goodies, along with her first outdoor riding toy in the form of a Cozy Coupe and huge bouncy ball.

Another surprise is a day of yummy food. We don't usually do fancy breakfasts, meals or desserts, so I'm going to make up something extra tasty and indulgent. Of course, I'm planning for leftovers to cover everyone's lunches for the week.

Here's our menu as a prelude to future posts with recipes. I'm drooling just reading it!

Cinnamon butterscotch monkey bread--this is a family tradition, usually done at Christmas, for which I'm going to try a new recipe.

Baked ham
Bunny rolls
Spring veggie mix
Fruit Jello salad
Macaroni salad--another family tradition and a holiday must

Mini cherry cheesecakes

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