April 25, 2014

Yard Sale Season

As the weather warms up, flowers bloom, kids head outside and the sound of lawnmowers once again invade our ears, I'm reminded of another season that's upon us. Yard sale season! Once the nice weather is in full force, signs start cropping up and those looking for a good deal emerge from their homes in the early mornings.

You can take advantage of this wondrous season to save money and also to make it. Yard sales are often filled with kid toys, clothes, bikes, outdoor and sport equipment and so much more at a fraction of the price you'd pay new. Some sales may be duds, but dig around and you'll find some amazing deals that are sure to keep some green in your pocket.

While you're spring cleaning, take a look around at all the stuff you no longer need or use. The old saying about one man's (or woman's) trash being another's treasure is so true. Keep your eyes peeled for:

  1. Kitchen gadgets taking up space that you never use
  2. Clothes your kids hate or have outgrown that won't work as hand-me-downs for your family
  3. Old baby equipment you no longer need
  4. Toys stuffed in a corner, never to be loved again
  5. Clothes in your and the hubby's closet that you/he never wear
  6. Accessories you don't wear, including shoes, purses, jewelry, scarves
  7. Knickknacks and art you're tired of and have stuffed in storage
  8. Old furniture you're not using
  9. Items from a move that you didn't find a place for in the new house
  10. Boxes of "junk" you stuck somewhere to get it out of the way and haven't thought about since
  11. Anything and everything lying around taking up valuable space and making cleaning more of a chore

Collect it all, put on price tags, set it out nicely on card tables, strategically place easy-to-read signs along main roads and get your yard sale rolling! You'd be surprised what can make you a few extra dollars. If you're ambitious, ask neighbors and friends to join in to expand the offerings. The more you have, the more you'll attract buyers. Anything you don't sell you can save for another sale or donate.

We're currently working on sorting things out for our own sale. After we moved last year, there were so many things that just didn't work in this house or that the previous owner left behind. We also ended up with a ton of stuff from my childhood that my parents unloaded on us now that we have space. It's taking time to go through and sort it all. Once we're done, I'm hoping we'll make enough cash to buy M2 her winter duds and an outdoor playhouse. Oh, and a pizza for Mama and Dada. ;)

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