May 25, 2014

Simple, Quick Memorial Day Menu

For Memorial Day, I'm taking things easy and going for a simple, quick menu rather than my usual holiday fare. Not that I get too fancy with the summer holidays to begin with, but this one is going to be even more simple than usual. We're not even having the prerequisite macaroni salad! An easy menu allows for more relaxing and less stressing to get all the food prepared. I count that a win for sure.

How simple are we talking?
  1. Bubba burgers (on sale half price this week at Martin's) with cheese, lettuce, buns, pickles, ketchup and mustard
  2. Fresh Corn-on-the-cob, cut in half (M2's first time having it, also on sale this week)
  3. French fries, frozen not fresh (a bulk bag so we'll make a bit then save the rest for other meals)
  4. Yellow cupcakes with Reddi Whip on top to make them lighter
I might attempt corn bread from scratch, if I have all the ingredients and the mood strikes me tomorrow.

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