May 17, 2014

Why No Posts?

I haven't been posting as much as of late since the past more than a month now I've been sick and overly tired. Be assured, I'm still here and planning plenty of posts! I thought an update (so you don't think I've fallen off the face of the earth) would be good.

One of the main things causing my sick and tired ick is a bout of anemia. It seems innocent enough, until it's so bad that you're too tired to stay awake. It also then makes other health-related things even worse. Double whammy!

Back in college, I had it so bad that campus docs thought I had mono. All the symptoms pointed to that. They were trying to send me home, far away from the campus so I couldn't infect anyone else. Then my blood test came back not as mono, but bad anemia. Not at all contagious. I simply had no energy and was tired constantly, no matter how much I slept.

This time it hasn't been as bad as in college--same symptoms, just not as severe. There's been other health-stuff going on as well. That part I'm not ready to talk about yet. You'll have to wait for a future post to hear about that.

Being so tired has meant not as much no energy for the blog and also not as much energy to keep the house clean, laundry done and healthy dinners made. We've also not been able to enjoy the lovely weather that much or do fun things. My bed and comfy chair are holding me captive! Lucky for me, A's great and has been helping to pick up the slack as much as he can on top of his full-time-with-long-hours job.

M2 has been enjoying extra cuddle time and has been working on pointing out body parts. So far, she's got where her nose is down pat. We're working with her on tummy. She loves when you tell her, "The yummy goes in the tummy!" Her new favorite book that Mama has to read her three times a day is One Foot Two Feet. It's an adorable book she got through the Imagination Library program run by Dolly Parton. Each month until she's age 5, M2 gets an age-appropriate, new book in the mail, free. She's gotten some great ones and we've been introduced to books I never even knew about. It's available depending on where you live. I fully recommend checking it out and signing up if you live in an area that offers it.

Due to her teething which makes her sleep more, I've been able to sneak in afternoon naps for myself some days. She even plays nicely with her favorite buddy Violet (the talking stuffed dog) for an hour or so in the morning so I can sleep in a bit.

With daily meds, I'm slowly feeling better. I am hoping to have the house back in order soon. It's really starting to drive me nuts. Ditto the being stuck in the house. And the not blogging as much.

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  1. I'm hoping that the other stuff is that you are pregnant.. As you sound exactly like me these past months and my home and life have been shambles with my pregnancy sickness.. fell off the planet good! Hope you are feeling better soon whatever it be,


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