June 29, 2014

Crazy Days of Summer

Mama and baby penguin.
We just got back from an almost-week-long vacation to upstate New York to see A's dad. M2 had fun hanging out with grandpa, playing with grandpa's big dog, going to Fort Stanwix and the Syracuse Zoo, having her first ice cream cone, meeting family, visiting Grandma's grave, and more. She got spoiled with Grandpa's cooking, which included homemade potato pancakes and kabobs. M2 loved the potato pancakes covered with apple sauce. It was one of the few things she refused to share with the puppy.

As our fun trip came to a close, something struck me. This next month-plus is going to be crazy for A, M2 and me. I've got to unpack everything, do laundry, restock the fridge (I planned ahead and used everything up before we left) and clean the house. That's not even the half of it, though.

M2 loves elephants!
We've got to clean out, sort and organize the entire basement to prep for a yard sale August 9. Our whole plan when we moved in was to have an organized storage area so we can get to what we need and also have a nice laundry area. Right now, it's a huge mound of stuff.It's full of things we didn't need in our new house, stuff we haven't used since moving so I've decided we don't need, things the previous owner left and boxes of who-knows-what that I had as a kid from my parents' house. We were planning to do a spring yard sale, but with nasty morning sickness that didn't happen. August 9 is now our drop-dead date as that's when the 50-mile yard crawl along the main road we live off takes place. We're hoping it'll draw tons of customers so we can clear out the space and make some extra cash for the baby items we'll need. All this will have to be done when A isn't working as I can't lift the heavy boxes and when M2 is napping--added challenge!

Elephant ride with Daddy.
All the beds in the yard have to be weeded as well. The weeds are taking over and eating up the good plants! They must be brought under control and regulated to the trash bags so they don't eat up my flowers.

On top of that, we've got a prenatal appointment, M2's checkup (both of which are an hour away so eat up time) and the anatomy scan to find out what Baby2 is (that one is 1.5-2 hours away so takes up the whole day), two vet appointments, peach picking and baking with the peaches, parties and activities for M2, car safety inspections and things I know I'm forgetting.

Plus, the usual house cleaning, laundry, cooking, shopping, etc., that has to be done anyway. And, of course, blogging!! I can't forget about all our readers. It'll be quite a challenge to get everything done. Luckily, morning sickness is wearing off a bit and I've got some more energy. Nothing can really be taken off the list, especially the big items, and I'm determined that it'll all get done!

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