July 2, 2014

BBQ Pulled Pork

This recipe is a great one for any time as it is so tasty and easy. It's one of the favorites in our house and is great for leftovers. When I made it we froze some so A has an easy-to-grab lunch if nothing else is made. I've been making this for years with different variations. This version is the best. Even better, it's so easy to make in the slow cooker and your house will smell delicious all day.

I used a combination of sauces to add
different flavors. My favorite is Hunt's.
One pork roast or pork loin. The size depends on how much leftovers (or people you're feeding) that you want. I used about 3.5 lbs.
Enough Dr. Pepper (I used SodaStream Dr. Pete) to cover pork in slow cooker
1.5 bottles barbecue sauce (more if you make more pork; you want enough to saturate the pork)

  1. Defrost pork and put into slow cooker
  2. Make deep cuts across pork every inch
  3. Cover the pork with Dr. Pepper
  4. Cook on low overnight (about 12 hours) so the soda will break down the pork, add flavor and make it extra moist
  5. Test pork to see if it comes apart easily. If it does, drain pork and pull apart with forks in the pot. If it doesn't, slow cook longer
  6. Add barbecue sauce, enough to thoroughly cover and saturate the pork. Add water to barbecue sauce bottles to
    get out remains of sauce, pour in with pork.
    This also helps keep the pork from burning
  7. Set slow cooker to medium for an additional 8-12 hours
  8. Put finished pulled pork on buns, bread or eat as-is
Dr. Pepper covered pork

Pulled and ready for sauce

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  1. Would this work with chicken also?

  2. Yes, it will work with chicken or even beef. All of it turns out tasty!



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