August 31, 2014

Jamaica Allspice Apple Honey Pork Tenderloin

Autumn is my favorite time of year. In celebration of it's impending arrival, and the fact that apple picking season has started, I made a Jamaican allspice apple honey pork tenderloin in the slow cooker for dinner. Not only is it yummy, it's easy to do and makes the house smell good all day. This recipe is one of my own creation while digging through the spice cabinet.

While this is the first time using the allspice, I've done other apple honey slow-cooked pork dishes before. Each one has been so tasty. Plus, there are plenty of leftovers for A's lunches for a few days. The apple I used is one that has been sitting in the fridge, needing to be used up. Fresh apples from our favorite orchard will be making an appearance in the next couple of weeks. We go at least once (usually more) each year to apple pick. I can't wait to start on all my yummy apple recipes for the season--even better, I'll get to share them with all of you! Now, on to tonight's delicious pork. (M2 and I ate ours covered in applesauce).

August 29, 2014

What's for Dinner?

Since we've been on vacation much of August, I haven't had a weekly meal plan to share. Now that we're back, I do! Here's what I'll be whipping up in our kitchen this week. Expect future posts with recipes on some of these dishes!

Green salad with rotisserie chicken on top. M2 is having ziti.

Slow cooked apple honey pork tenderloin, mashed potatoes and mixed veggies

Beef tacos with fat-free refried beans and corn/pepper mix

BBQ boneless skinless chicken breasts, homemade corn bread, baked potatoes and corn

Beef cubes and gravy over egg noodles with broccoli

Pork chops smothered in applesauce, white rice and green beans

Leftovers from the week

August 23, 2014

Well Beginings Diapers from Walgreens

Full disclosure: For this review, I was selected to try out the diapers and blog about it. This meant I got a pack for free. Walgreens even threw in some baby wash and wipes as an added bonus.

Ratings (out of 10)
Overall: 7
Design: 9
Softness: 8
Leak protection: 8
Fit: 9
Sagging: 5
Absorbent pad breakage: 3
Thickness: 9
Recommend: Yes

The first thing I noticed was that these diapers are cute with little elephants on them (M2's favorite!) They have no scent at all to them even with the natural botanicals, vitamin E and aloe on the absorbent pad. Soft and fairly thin sums up the texture and weight.

Cute elephant
M2 liked the elephants when I showed them to her when trying them the first time. The fit was good, the sticky tabs are thick and there's an extra bit of material between the leg elastic and the edge of the diaper to catch leaking poo (some don't have this which leads to poo explosions). Since the diapers aren't very thick, M2 didn't have diaper sticking out the bottom of her shorts and skirts, which was great. You also can't see the design very well through light-weight clothing which is a plus in my book! They're easy to put on and the tabs didn't rip off (I hate when diapers do that!)

M2 approved

In-use the diapers scored pretty well. M2 got no rash. They're very absorbent and poo stayed in well also. The band didn't roll up, sides didn't stick out the top after wear. The two negatives were 1. As soon as they get more than just a tiny bit wet, they sag. Because of the sag, the fit was then much looser. 2. The absorbent pad breaks while wearing, making the sagging worse and leaving a good-size area without as much absorbency. Plus it looked weird. Not horrible negatives and I still used them all without getting frustrated and damning their existence, as has happened with other brands. Overall, I liked the diapers, as did M2 and A. I would use them again and suggest them to others if you've got a Walgreens nearby.

On a non-diaper related note, things have been super crazy and busy lately, including a car accident. Hence, I haven't been posting as much. I promise an update post is coming soon!

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August 2, 2014

It's a...

These past two weeks I've been busy cramming in yard sale prep, errands, two ultrasounds (each two hours away), laundry, nursery planning and...finding out what sex Baby2 is! Both of the techs we had agreed for sure on the sex. After being sure the grandparents knew first, we announced today on Facebook. A, M2 and I are very excited as we were hoping for this.

We will have one boy and one girl, the perfect set for our family! While A's family has lots of boys, my family has been all girls so far as I don't have any brothers then there is my niece and M2. This will be quite a change since I'm so used to girls! Once we find out, I've been going through all M2's old clothes that won't work for a boy--which is most of them-- to add them to our yard sale. There is still lots to be done so we are ready for the yard sale next Saturday! (Plus another doctor's appointment, glucose test and lots of cleaning for me.) We're finally on the pricing items portion of the perp. It is all for a huge 44 mile yard crawl spanning a few counties which we hope will mean many customers. Now, to decide on a name for Baby2...

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