August 29, 2014

What's for Dinner?

Since we've been on vacation much of August, I haven't had a weekly meal plan to share. Now that we're back, I do! Here's what I'll be whipping up in our kitchen this week. Expect future posts with recipes on some of these dishes!

Green salad with rotisserie chicken on top. M2 is having ziti.

Slow cooked apple honey pork tenderloin, mashed potatoes and mixed veggies

Beef tacos with fat-free refried beans and corn/pepper mix

BBQ boneless skinless chicken breasts, homemade corn bread, baked potatoes and corn

Beef cubes and gravy over egg noodles with broccoli

Pork chops smothered in applesauce, white rice and green beans

Leftovers from the week

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