August 2, 2014

It's a...

These past two weeks I've been busy cramming in yard sale prep, errands, two ultrasounds (each two hours away), laundry, nursery planning and...finding out what sex Baby2 is! Both of the techs we had agreed for sure on the sex. After being sure the grandparents knew first, we announced today on Facebook. A, M2 and I are very excited as we were hoping for this.

We will have one boy and one girl, the perfect set for our family! While A's family has lots of boys, my family has been all girls so far as I don't have any brothers then there is my niece and M2. This will be quite a change since I'm so used to girls! Once we find out, I've been going through all M2's old clothes that won't work for a boy--which is most of them-- to add them to our yard sale. There is still lots to be done so we are ready for the yard sale next Saturday! (Plus another doctor's appointment, glucose test and lots of cleaning for me.) We're finally on the pricing items portion of the perp. It is all for a huge 44 mile yard crawl spanning a few counties which we hope will mean many customers. Now, to decide on a name for Baby2...

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