September 14, 2014

Red, Orange, and Yellow Bring a Chill to the Air

Fall is my favorite season. The time from September to early January is simply the best time of year. The heat and mugginess start to dissipate as clean, cool, crisp air takes the stage. Windows can be left open to air out the house without fear of stifling heat.

Brilliant colors of fall.
Where we live in Virginia, we see the trees change from green to red, orange, yellow and brown. The colors slowly spread across the mountains getting more vibrant until they disappear, telling us it's almost time for Christmas. The view outside our windows is spectacular. On drives through the area, the fall leaves on the backdrop of clear, strinking blue sky is simply amazing. Almost nightly we smell bonfires. Our fire pit will be making its own debut soon.

Family photo while apple picking last fall.
When the leaves start to change, it also means apple season is back. It's a family tradition to go apple picking each year. Last year was M2's first time. She couldn't get enough of it. We went a bunch of times to stock up on eating and baking apples. I love making my apple crisp and bread (A loves eating them). Our favorite orchard is up in Winchester, Va. Along with the orchard, it has has pumpkins, a bake shop with amazing apple cider donuts, ice cream, fudge and other goodies, plus a playground for the kids. I can't wait to go in October.
Lovely red leaves in the yard.
I love Halloween. It's a magical time, connecting us to the past and the future. In some cultures and traditions, the October 31 marks the start of the new year, rather than January 1. M2 already has her costume and will have her second crack at trick-or-treating. Last year, she wasn't so sure about it. This year, she should be much more into it. After Thanksgiving, we have Thanksgiving to look forward too, then Christmas.

Decorating for all is just as fun. I pull out all the harvest, pumpkin, leaf and other decorations we have, including the fall-scented candles. Just as fun is knowing that once these decorations come down, all the Christmas decorations will be going up. Falls starts months of beautiful decorations, family time, traditions, our wedding anniversary, birthdays and holidays. It's the time of year to spend with family who are here and remember those who have passed on. It's also a time to make new memories to carry with us through the years.

Looking out over the mountains.
This year, Baby2's appearance will be added to the list of anticipated events. All the things we have to do to get ready for his arrival, including decorating and setting up the nursery, will add to the business of this time of year. Yet, while fall is always busy, it always has a calmness the rest of the year doesn't. It's a feeling I love and look forward to each year. How it can be so busy yet calm at the same time, I'll never know. Maybe it's secret magic hidden in the leaves of the trees, taking over the land as the colors spread.

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  1. Loved this blog! I really liked the words that were used and how it was written. Great job! Fall is indeed a beautiful time of year. Mother nature at her best!

    1. Thank you! :) I'm glad you enjoy the blog and liked the post.



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