October 26, 2014

What's for Dinner?

In all the chaos, weekly meal planning has fallen by the wayside. (Chaos and food aversions coming back!) I'm going to try again for this week. You'll probably notice the theme of easy-to-cook comfort foods. I don't have much energy to cook and am craving the comfort foods so that's why.

Slow cooked marinated pork tenderloin, mashed potatoes and veggies

Mac and cheese, chicken nuggets and green salad

Steak, three grain salad and veggies


Soup and grilled cheese.


Spaghetti and green salad

Baby2 Nursery and M2 Weekly Update

The crib is now put together and the rug is out. That's about it for this week. We were too busy going to doctor appointments 1-2 hours away Thursday and Friday, continuing with M2's speech evaluations, Christmas shopping, birthday shopping and I've been tired.

Sales, sales, sales.
At least the Christmas and M2's birthday gift shopping is almost done. Amazon and Kohl's online are a lifesaver this year. Almost everything is coming from there and both already have great deals. Hurray for coupons and discounts! Another hurray for not having to wander stores endlessly while tired looking for gifts!

Almost ready to wrap.

I'll be wrapping all the presents the week before Baby2 is set to arrive. I'm one of those crazy people everyone complains about this year, shopping early and enjoying decorations that are already up. I wish they were all up,really, as we won't get a chance to see much of them since Baby2 will have us hopping. Next year I'll be back on the, "Why are there Christmas items in the stores before Halloween?!" bandwagon.

More doctor appointments?! Yikes.
To add more to the list of already crazy busy and stressful, I found out my thyroid has gone screwy. The ob/gyn did blood tests which came back abnormal. She then did some more and got more not-good results. The endocrinologist said he doesn't think it's pregnancy related. Thyroids just don't do what mine is during pregnancy. The ob/gyn and endocrinologist are both concerned so I'll have an appointment this week (2 hours away again, oh fun!) to start looking into that. It would seem a high heart rate and heat intolerance aren't normal pregnancy symptoms. Instead, it's from the thyroid going wonky. The weight gain, over what is normal for pregnancy, is also probably related. The downside is the options of how to treat it are more limited until after Baby2 is born. None of them are fun options even then.

M2's full speech evaluation went well. The therapists said she's very smart and observant. On everything else the ladies tested her for, including comprehension, she's on track or ahead. We just need to get her to use her words! Even for the speech part, she's not as far behind as we thought, coming in at 15-17 months when she's 22 months old. The speech therapist agreed it's best to intervene now before she gets farther behind. Along with my thyroid and prenatal appointments this upcoming week, we'll be meeting with M2's service coordinator for the final complete evaluation report and to get the speech therapy appointments set up. Ideally, we'll have at least one session before Baby2 arrives. We'll see, since we're insanely busy and the therapist's schedule fills up fast as well.

For M2's fun activity of the week, she and I went to the library's Halloween festival. There were stories, songs, goody bag decorating and trick-or-treating with story book characters. M2 wasn't impressed. She made it through the songs and stories, barely. After that, I asked if she wanted to do the rest or leave. I got my answer as she ran out the door, around the edge of the library, to the front doors, was hunting for the special needs door button, and then ran out to the car saying, "Go! Go! Go!" She even ran past baskets of candy. The kid just did NOT want to be there! She looked darn cute in her monkey costume, though!
Getting ready for trick or treat. (No, this isn't our house. ;) )
With doctor appointments taking up a full day this week, M2's speech appointment, Halloween with friends, pumpkin carving, house cleaning, continuing with Baby2's nursery and more, this next week is going to be another busy one. My goal is to at least give you all a weekly update these next few weeks. There are only 4 to go until Baby2 arrives! Hopefully, there will be enough finished with the nursery next week to make it worth posting update photos.

October 19, 2014

Baby2's Room: Bright and Beachy

A and I finally picked out a paint color and he painted Baby2's room this week as musical couches was completed with the donation pickup. We went with Valspar's beach blanket color to keep the room colorful, light and airy while being in line with the nautical/sea theme. It also goes with the rest of the colors in the house to keep the peaceful, relaxing vibe going. We splurged and got the new top-of-the-line paint with zero VOCs that's easily washable. It needs to hold up and last a long time so we thought it's worth the extra bucks. With the paint up, a trip to Walmart yielded a turquoise and white rug that will go down once we carpet clean the whole house.
Fresh beach blanket color paint. 
M2's contribution is a twinkle twinkle little star wall hanging. She grabbed it at the store and loved it so into Baby2's room it goes! What's a nautical theme without some stars to guide you, right? I also got an anchor decoration to paint and hang. One of our family traditions is my painting a big wooden letter of the new baby's first initial to put up on the wall. I haven't found one I like yet though I've got a few ideas on colors. M2's was pink and glittery. Her room didn't have much pink so it became a girly statement piece.

All the other wall decorations have been picked. I plan to buy them off Amazon this week, along with all Baby2's and M2's birthday and Christmas presents. I want everything done at least a week before Baby2 arrives so I don't have to deal with it! Gamma and Gampa will send the new crib and mattress soon as well. As deliveries come in, I'll be hanging and A will be building. M2's room is getting a slight re-do as well--the changing table it coming out of her room to go to the new baby and she's getting a set of cubbies for her toys and treasures instead.

Now, to get the closet cleaned out and reorganized so I can wash all the baby clothes, blankets, bibs, burp cloths, etc., and get them put away. Not to mention the big pile of stuff that needs to clean out of the room and all the books and knickknacks to take off the bookcase. The laundry hamper and diaper pail need to be selected. In other words, (as you can see from the picture) there is still a ton to do and not very much time to do it in since there is only about 5 weeks to go! Our next two weeks are packed with other appointments and activities (Halloween fun!) which eats up even more time. The to-do list of non-baby before-baby items is long as well. If you don't see many posts from me, that is why.

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October 9, 2014

A Quick Update: M2's Speech and Baby2

This week has been busy with kid-related appointments and having my parents in town visiting. One of the big appointments was to get M2's speech intervention rolling.

M2's Speech Development
M2 isn't quite where she should be speech-wise. She understands everything, has ways to get her points across, she just won't use words most of the time. Except for a select few, the words she does know she refuses to use often. A and I have been working with her doing everything we can think of to no avail. The pediatrician said we could either start looking into therapy now, or wait until she turns 2. However, when she turns 2 is just after Baby2 is born. Taking that into account, we decided to start intervention now.

When asked what the next step is to get her help, the doctor very helpfully only said to "call the county." The county very helpfully only has info on getting assistance with speech for kids 3 and over. After some research and asking around at library time, I found a place not too far away that specializes in therapy for under age 3 only. The nice lady I spoke too arranged an appointment for initial intake at our house. She came over this week, met M2, asked a bunch of questions, and set us up for the next step of a complete evaluation. In a few weeks, M2's going to have "playtime" with a couple ladies who will do a full eval then give us the results. The woman today said she's obviously very intelligent, we just need to get her to start using more words. It's expected that she'll be on track with everything else.

After the evaluation, our intake coordinator sets M2 up with a therapy plan. The good thing about this organization is that they find it important that the child is in their own environment for therapy. The therapist comes out and word with her and show A and I things we can do with her the rest of the time.

The plan right now is to get all this set up and maybe even get a session or two in before Baby2 arrives. At the least, we'll be ready to go as soon as things settle down with him.

Baby2's Room
Last week, we finally narrowed down the choices of paint colors for Baby2's room to four. Once we get those up on the wall we'll (hopefully) be able to pick one. Right now, there's a futon in there so we can't paint the whole room. The futon needs to go in the family room, which has another couch in it. That one needs to go in the living room which--you guessed it-- also has a couch in it. The hospice we're donating one couch to comes next week, then we can play musical couches and start painting. You can read more about the plans for the nursery here.

At my weekly appointment the doctor said Baby2 is on track. The only downside is that he hasn't flipped yet--he's still breech. He's got a few weeks left to make the flip and I'm hoping he does as I don't want a C-section for a number of reasons (the big one being surgery and I don't mix, at all).

A and I checked out the other choice of hospital for labor and delivery finally. M2 got to spend time with Grandma and Grandpa going to the pumpkin patch, animal park and out to dinner while I was busy with the tour and doctor appointment. It's a good thing we did the tour since we've decided we like the hospital better than the one we were thinking of using. As long as Baby2 doesn't come earlier than 38 weeks, we plan to use the one we toured. The big selling point for me was all private rooms and wireless monitors so I won't have to be strapped down uncomfortably to a bed for hours. That part was NOT fun with M2 and I think labor would have gone faster than the 41.5 hours it took had I been able to move around. I also can't get comfortable in beds sitting up or lying on my back--which is the position I got stuck in so the doctors could have the monitors work.

With less than seven weeks to go, there is still plenty to do on our lists!

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