October 19, 2014

Baby2's Room: Bright and Beachy

A and I finally picked out a paint color and he painted Baby2's room this week as musical couches was completed with the donation pickup. We went with Valspar's beach blanket color to keep the room colorful, light and airy while being in line with the nautical/sea theme. It also goes with the rest of the colors in the house to keep the peaceful, relaxing vibe going. We splurged and got the new top-of-the-line paint with zero VOCs that's easily washable. It needs to hold up and last a long time so we thought it's worth the extra bucks. With the paint up, a trip to Walmart yielded a turquoise and white rug that will go down once we carpet clean the whole house.
Fresh beach blanket color paint. 
M2's contribution is a twinkle twinkle little star wall hanging. She grabbed it at the store and loved it so into Baby2's room it goes! What's a nautical theme without some stars to guide you, right? I also got an anchor decoration to paint and hang. One of our family traditions is my painting a big wooden letter of the new baby's first initial to put up on the wall. I haven't found one I like yet though I've got a few ideas on colors. M2's was pink and glittery. Her room didn't have much pink so it became a girly statement piece.

All the other wall decorations have been picked. I plan to buy them off Amazon this week, along with all Baby2's and M2's birthday and Christmas presents. I want everything done at least a week before Baby2 arrives so I don't have to deal with it! Gamma and Gampa will send the new crib and mattress soon as well. As deliveries come in, I'll be hanging and A will be building. M2's room is getting a slight re-do as well--the changing table it coming out of her room to go to the new baby and she's getting a set of cubbies for her toys and treasures instead.

Now, to get the closet cleaned out and reorganized so I can wash all the baby clothes, blankets, bibs, burp cloths, etc., and get them put away. Not to mention the big pile of stuff that needs to clean out of the room and all the books and knickknacks to take off the bookcase. The laundry hamper and diaper pail need to be selected. In other words, (as you can see from the picture) there is still a ton to do and not very much time to do it in since there is only about 5 weeks to go! Our next two weeks are packed with other appointments and activities (Halloween fun!) which eats up even more time. The to-do list of non-baby before-baby items is long as well. If you don't see many posts from me, that is why.

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