November 16, 2014

Welcome to Baby2's Finished Nursery

Baby2's nursery finally got finished last night. I wasn't sure we'd do it before he came, but we did! And it. looks. awesome. (If I do say so myself.) I adore how it all turned out. It took a week longer than expected as all our free time to work in here last week got taken up having to fight with Verizon to get me a new cell phone after mine died. That's a long story of a two-day ordeal for another time. 

Without further delay, welcome to Baby2's nursery! I'll take you around on a tour picture by picture. If there is an item I bought and can link to, it's linked for you. You can also click on any photo for a larger view.

Here is the view from the door. The 5' by 7' rug covered up all M2's bleach art. I worried how it would look. It really adds something to the room to bring it together. The walls are painted in Beach Blanket by Valspar, as mentioned in this post. We got the new, top-of-the-line paint that's not supposed to fade and should be easy to clean. 


The panorama view gives you a better idea of the whole room. The blue spot is Baby2's special initial that I painted. It's blued out for now since we don't want to share his name (or clues!) until his arrival. There's a big empty spot between the bed and door where a toy box of some sort will end up.

The Davinci Kalani crib in cherry is awesome. M2 has the same one. Our niece has the Kalani in Espresso. It's a great bed that converts to a toddler bed then full-size head and foot boards. The mattress is the Davinci Emily that M2 and our niece have. M2 picked the sheet. It's Target Circo brand I found during a big sale and mentioned in another nursery post.

What you can't see is the American Baby organic cotton mattress cover underneath. That thing is awesome! It's so soft, fits well, is waterproof and has no icky vinyl making the added cost worth it. It should help keep baby warmer in the winter as well. We had another brand for M2 that didn't quite cut it. It was thin, had vinyl and didn't quite fit. After trying out one for Baby2, I ordered one as a back up and one for M2. I hung them all to dry in order to avoid any shrinkage. I want one for our bed!

The soother is a Fisher-Price rain forest one my mom found for Baby2. The pictures above the crib are from Amazon by BedTime Originals and fit the nautical theme perfectly. I may adjust how they're spaced out, I'm not sold on this arrangement yet.

The chest and changing table corner. I painted the anchor on the wall. It's made of heavy duty cardboard. All it took was buying the anchor at the craft store, getting some antiqued gold paint, a soft sponge brush and about an hour to put on three coats of paint. The frame next to it will showcase Baby2's hand and footprints. The frame on the dresser waits for the birth announcement. Info on the lamp is in a previous post.

The changing pad covers don't quite fit the theme. The animals are from M2's theme. Since they're really nice ones and are so soft, we're reusing them rather than buying new ones simply to fit the theme. I don't think you can even buy these anymore. When I looked for a link, nothing came up.

The changing table itself was M2's. I couldn't have lived without it, it's one of the "must have" items on my list for new parents. The fabric cubes are from Target and hold toys, wipes and diapers. I went through all M2's toys, pulling out the baby ones and putting them in these cubes so they're easy to get to. There's also a basket you can't quite see in this shot for all his blankets.

Above the changing table are cute canvas art I found on Amazon and nautical-related Bosson heads that belonged to A's mom. Notice the pirate on the top right giving the fisherman to his left the side eye.

Another view of the crib corner. The curtains are Eclipse blackout curtains for nap time and to keep the heat in during winter. We already had them in the room. Since they match, they stay. I couldn't find tiebacks I liked so went to Michael's. They had some nifty ribbon that matches the room and makes easy tiebacks.

Again, the blue cube is blocking out the painted initial. Above it is a plaque M2 picked that says, "Twinkle twinkle little star, do you know how loved you are?" During a family shopping trip at a local craft store for baby room items, I picked it up. As soon as M2 saw it, she grabbed and hugged it. A pretty clear sign she wanted it for her brother. She kept going in his room to look at it before it was put up.

The bookcase corner includes a shelf set that A's dad made. A had it in his room as a kid. Everything on it, including the bookcase itself, (minus the monitor and nightlight) is a special item that belonged to A, his mom, me or my aunt. My aunt made the ceramic piggy bank at the bottom for me when I was about 6 years old. The frame at the top is being saved for something special. The middle shelf and bottom will soon be stuffed with books. I just haven't put them there yet. To be honest, I totally forgot about the books until now.


This little guy is the nightlight on the bookcase. I love it so had to give him some extra attention with his own picture! I almost got a moon until this KinderGlo portable dragon popped up as just being available. You can set it to change colors (you can see it glowing in the bookcase corner pic) or to stay on one color. He's rechargeable and comes off the base. M2 has an elephant she adores. It's come in handy at night when I check on her or have to change a diaper. Instead of turning on a bright light, I nudge her elephant. Enough light is provided without waking up a baby.

Next to Puff the Magic Dragon lives the Angel Care Deluxe Plus monitor. We use the same for M2 and love it. Video monitors don't really work for us since I'd constantly be looking at it to be sure the baby was ok. The Angel Care beeps if baby stops breathing for any period of time. It's not fool proof and the usual safety measures should be taken. I still slept better having it as a back up. With one in each nursery, we've gotten no weird feedback so far from either monitor.

One final panorama of the room looking toward the door. All we need now is the baby boy to put in the crib.

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November 5, 2014

Baby2 and M2 Update

Baby2's room completion is near! A and I cleaned out the closet and rearranged ours to fit some of the stuff in there this past weekend. I then got the nursery closest all organized with the swing, hamper, wipes, diapers, humidifier, etc., that we will be needing to have on hand. A put together M2's cubby storage shelving as well. It's still in the nursery until we swap it with the changing table soon. All the fabric cubes are ready to go on the changing table, I got them organized with wipes, diapers, toys, accouterments, blankets and more. Baby2's hospital bag is ready to go as well. Mine is just a list right now as I realized all the stuff I plan to pack I'm actually using. If I pack it, I wouldn't have what I need now! That'd be rather pointless.

All the extra furniture and lamps have been taken out of the nursery. Some books and random things remain but that'll be easy to clean up. I also painted the anchor wall hanging and Baby2's large initial wall hanging so those are ready to go up. The rest of the room decor arrives tomorrow. This weekend, all of that gets put up and I'll put the finishing touches on the room. That leaves yard work, car maintenance, present wrapping, Christmas decorating, house cleaning and some other random things on my to-do list for next week and the week after. There are only three weeks left. Knock on wood, I think everything might actually get done!

M2's Christmas and birthday present situation is all sorted. The last of her gifts arrive tomorrow. I've made a list of what she is getting for each. She'll also be getting a small gift from Baby2 when he comes home from the hospital. It's an adorable Melissa and Doug Christmas tree puzzle I found at Kohl's. It's this one. It looks even nicer in person than on the page. M2 saw it when it first arrived. I had to wrestle it away from her as she wanted it right then. She got the Melissa and Doug advent tree decoration/toy, so that distracted her. That is also adorable! It's better than I expected and M2 is loving decorating and taking apart the tree. The ornaments are all so cute with beautiful designs. It's a good size, too. It should last us for years. It's sold out already. Reading the reviews, it's an item that goes fast each year. I can see why! You can still get it on Amazon for a bit more. Check it out here.

The therapy for M2's speech delay was finalized last week. Now, we're just waiting to hear from the speech therapist on setting up her first appointment. She'll be doing twice a month to start. Her coordinator thinks she'll pick up on things and progress fast as she's developing fine everywhere else and shows the signs they look for to know the child will pick up the concepts. We're hoping with hard work from her, A and me that she'll be right on track within a year if not less.

She didn't want to wear her hood inside!
Ready to monkey around.

Halloween was lots of fun. We started out visiting my best friend since high school and his wife. M2 loved that we ordered pizza and she got to watch some cartoons Mama wouldn't usually allow. It was then off to see other good friends and celebrate. One went trick-or-treating with us. M2 got the hang of going door-to-door quickly. She loved knocking and waiting for the door to open. Her costume was a monkey and A was a giant banana. I didn't dress up (hardly any of my clothes fit anymore, let alone a costume!) I did manage to walk around to each house. I'd thought after a few I'd be ready to fall over in pain. Stopping at the end of the drives to take a break while M2 went to the door helped. She was so excited and adorable walking along with her glow sticks and kitty cat candy pail. Sadly, our friends are moving cross country next year so this was our last Halloween with them. It's been a tradition the past 6 years or so to spend it with them so it's like the end of an era. We'll have to find trick-or-treating closer to home instead.

Baby2 has had a few doctor appointments (ok, I had the appointments and he got checked out, with no choice but to come along). He's growing fast. I'm measuring about 3.5-4 weeks ahead, which means right now I feel like I'm at 40 weeks. Driving has gotten hard so A has become my driver. My thyroid is acting up so I saw a specialist for that. He doesn't think Baby2 is being affected and I'm handling the symptoms ok, so we're holding off on meds. I'll be doing blood work often and after Baby2 is born we'll be looking into other testing. It's pretty complicated with many ways it could go as my thyroid is all sorts of screwy. There's a small change it'll go back to normal after Baby2 is born. I'm really hoping it does! There are some other worrisome health issues going on. Those I'm not ready to share yet. I've got more testing for that next week, along with the final ultrasound before Baby2's arrival.

Next week, I'll post pictures of the finished nursery. I was tempted to this week then decided we're so close to it being done I'd rather do a big reveal. You'll have to deal with the suspense until then. I'll also show off the easy painted wall hanging I did and explain it--it's sooo easy! The initial one will have to wait until we reveal his name after birth. I will say I am LOVING how the room looks!