November 5, 2014

Baby2 and M2 Update

Baby2's room completion is near! A and I cleaned out the closet and rearranged ours to fit some of the stuff in there this past weekend. I then got the nursery closest all organized with the swing, hamper, wipes, diapers, humidifier, etc., that we will be needing to have on hand. A put together M2's cubby storage shelving as well. It's still in the nursery until we swap it with the changing table soon. All the fabric cubes are ready to go on the changing table, I got them organized with wipes, diapers, toys, accouterments, blankets and more. Baby2's hospital bag is ready to go as well. Mine is just a list right now as I realized all the stuff I plan to pack I'm actually using. If I pack it, I wouldn't have what I need now! That'd be rather pointless.

All the extra furniture and lamps have been taken out of the nursery. Some books and random things remain but that'll be easy to clean up. I also painted the anchor wall hanging and Baby2's large initial wall hanging so those are ready to go up. The rest of the room decor arrives tomorrow. This weekend, all of that gets put up and I'll put the finishing touches on the room. That leaves yard work, car maintenance, present wrapping, Christmas decorating, house cleaning and some other random things on my to-do list for next week and the week after. There are only three weeks left. Knock on wood, I think everything might actually get done!

M2's Christmas and birthday present situation is all sorted. The last of her gifts arrive tomorrow. I've made a list of what she is getting for each. She'll also be getting a small gift from Baby2 when he comes home from the hospital. It's an adorable Melissa and Doug Christmas tree puzzle I found at Kohl's. It's this one. It looks even nicer in person than on the page. M2 saw it when it first arrived. I had to wrestle it away from her as she wanted it right then. She got the Melissa and Doug advent tree decoration/toy, so that distracted her. That is also adorable! It's better than I expected and M2 is loving decorating and taking apart the tree. The ornaments are all so cute with beautiful designs. It's a good size, too. It should last us for years. It's sold out already. Reading the reviews, it's an item that goes fast each year. I can see why! You can still get it on Amazon for a bit more. Check it out here.

The therapy for M2's speech delay was finalized last week. Now, we're just waiting to hear from the speech therapist on setting up her first appointment. She'll be doing twice a month to start. Her coordinator thinks she'll pick up on things and progress fast as she's developing fine everywhere else and shows the signs they look for to know the child will pick up the concepts. We're hoping with hard work from her, A and me that she'll be right on track within a year if not less.

She didn't want to wear her hood inside!
Ready to monkey around.

Halloween was lots of fun. We started out visiting my best friend since high school and his wife. M2 loved that we ordered pizza and she got to watch some cartoons Mama wouldn't usually allow. It was then off to see other good friends and celebrate. One went trick-or-treating with us. M2 got the hang of going door-to-door quickly. She loved knocking and waiting for the door to open. Her costume was a monkey and A was a giant banana. I didn't dress up (hardly any of my clothes fit anymore, let alone a costume!) I did manage to walk around to each house. I'd thought after a few I'd be ready to fall over in pain. Stopping at the end of the drives to take a break while M2 went to the door helped. She was so excited and adorable walking along with her glow sticks and kitty cat candy pail. Sadly, our friends are moving cross country next year so this was our last Halloween with them. It's been a tradition the past 6 years or so to spend it with them so it's like the end of an era. We'll have to find trick-or-treating closer to home instead.

Baby2 has had a few doctor appointments (ok, I had the appointments and he got checked out, with no choice but to come along). He's growing fast. I'm measuring about 3.5-4 weeks ahead, which means right now I feel like I'm at 40 weeks. Driving has gotten hard so A has become my driver. My thyroid is acting up so I saw a specialist for that. He doesn't think Baby2 is being affected and I'm handling the symptoms ok, so we're holding off on meds. I'll be doing blood work often and after Baby2 is born we'll be looking into other testing. It's pretty complicated with many ways it could go as my thyroid is all sorts of screwy. There's a small change it'll go back to normal after Baby2 is born. I'm really hoping it does! There are some other worrisome health issues going on. Those I'm not ready to share yet. I've got more testing for that next week, along with the final ultrasound before Baby2's arrival.

Next week, I'll post pictures of the finished nursery. I was tempted to this week then decided we're so close to it being done I'd rather do a big reveal. You'll have to deal with the suspense until then. I'll also show off the easy painted wall hanging I did and explain it--it's sooo easy! The initial one will have to wait until we reveal his name after birth. I will say I am LOVING how the room looks!

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  1. I am sure the nursery looks wonderful. Loved the pictures of the little one and the big bananna.


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