March 22, 2015

What's for Dinner March 22-28? (and a Free Printable)

What's for dinner at your house this week? Here are some ideas for you, based on what we're having.

 Ranch chicken strips with peas and baked potato

 Chicken salad on bread with mixed greens salad

 BBQ bacon chive baked chicken with brown rice and mixed veggies


Roasted fresh mushrooms, green peppers, corn and carrots over quinoa 
This one is part of my Three New Dinners Challenge. Read about it tomorrow!

Whole roast chicken with French bread, green beans, and lettuce salad

Don't forget the printable weekly dinner menu to help your planning. It's a handy 8x10 size in case you'd like to frame it and use it as a dry erase menu board. As an added plus, there's a spot to note leftovers you have from last week so you can incorporate them this week, and another spot to note leftovers from this week for next. Find out about the benefits of meal planning. 

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