April 19, 2015

What's for Dinner April 19-25? (and printable)

What's on your meal plan for this week? Here's what I've got planned.

Chicken pot pie 

Homemade chicken nuggets with peirogies and mixed veggies

Club sandwiches and soup and tortilla chips

Steaks with baked potatoes and corn

Spaghetti with three cheese sauce and green salad


 Herb crusted pork chops with jasmine rice and a  cauliflower/ broccoli mix topped with cheddar cheese

Remember the handy printable weekly dinner menu. It's 8x10 in case you'd like to frame it and use it as a dry erase menu board.  Find out about the benefits of meal planning. 


  1. I have no idea on what to plan! We cook a lot of chicken though.

  2. I know my husband would like to have dinner at your house at least 3 days a week! lol I'm going to start meal planning for the week for my family. I think it's a great idea!

    1. It really works out well to plan ahead. That way, I can also defrost the meat a day or two before so I don't have to use the microwave.

  3. Thanks for the printable because I've been trying to figure out how to start planning ahead.

  4. Sounds great! Tonight we are having beef roast, and tomorrow chicken pot pie soup! Make a list every Sunday... Of course I don't have it beside me for the rest of the weeks items. But scheduling is a necessity for me!

  5. Tuesday and Saturday sound really good. Now I have some ideas!

  6. You really have it together. I so need to do menu planning. I normally do not know what I am making till that day.

  7. Oh, that all sounds so good! Tonight my husband is making homemade burgers. Tomorrow I'm making enchiladas. Then leftovers. Then something brilliant that I'll come up with the day of...ha! Hopefully...

  8. I need to start doing a meal plan. Love this!

  9. Using that as a dry erase is a brilliant idea!! I need that. Thanks! I really need to improve this fast.

  10. You make your own chicken pot pie?! Post the recipe!!

    I'm going to use this for my meals next week!

  11. I need to plan my dinners too!! thanks for the idea!

  12. Looks like you have some great meals planned for the coming week.

  13. I need to spice up my weeknight menu, we always make the same things, but its hard since my hubby cooks since he gets home before me... and he isnt good at switching it up! ;)

  14. Oh delicious! I applaud you on the meal planning. It is something that I KNOW I should do, but I just can't get a good meal plan habit going. My husband is the chef in our family, and he usually worries about this stuff. But I feel like if I was more on top of it, it would be much wiser for our budget.


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