April 5, 2015

What's for Dinner April 5-11? (and printable)

Happy Easter! Today, I am trying something different for my Three New Dinner Challenge. I wanted to do something a bit different than our traditional Easter dinner.

Honey glazed ham with rolls, potato salad, deviled eggs, cauliflower and broccoli covered in cheese, and yellow butter cake with buttercream frosting--all from scratch--for dessert.

Tip: Ham is usually expensive. Buy an extra large ham, divide it up, and freeze what you don't need for Easter. That way, you have ham for later that's at the Easter sale price.

Mixed greens salad with leftover rolls

Soup with grilled cheese sandwiches and green salad

Lemon crusted tilapia with rice and mixed veggies

Bacon chive chicken with baked potatoes and corn


 Spaghetti with meat sauce, garlic bread, and green beans

Remember the handy printable weekly dinner menu. It's 8x10 in case you'd like to frame it and use it as a dry erase menu board.  Find out about the benefits of meal planning. 

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