April 6, 2015

Finding Appropriate Developmental Toys

Finding toys that are right for your specific child's current development can be difficult. Just because a product says it's for a certain age doesn't mean your child has hit that milestone or he/she may have even passed it. Even worse, you don't even know if the toy is any good, you only have reviews to go on, no input from professionals. I can't tell you how many toys I've tried toys that turned out to be duds with M2 and B or that just didn't fit their current development, despite what the boxes claimed.

Then I found out about Little Giants Developmental and Play Center's at home subscription service. I've never come across a company that actually has OTs test and recommend toys specifically for your child. The concept is so cool. I got to test a month's shipment for each child in exchange for my unbiased review. It's just so neat that I had to share it with you all!

Little Giants at Home says it best themselves:
Little Giants at Home (LG) is a subscription-based developmental toy program for parents and children to implement in the home. What makes Little Giants different from any other program in the market, is that it is milestone-based and the toys are personally researched and selected based on the child’s developmental stage by occupational therapists (OTs) at Little Giants physical child developmental and play center. Unlike any other national companies, members can contact these OTs at Little Giants in Madison, Mississippi to address specific concerns they may be having about their child’s development.

The boxes come with the toys packed nicely with green and purple tissue paper. The shipments includes a packet of info put together that includes developmental milestones and AAP developmental guidelines cards along with an LG newsletter with parenting tips and fun facts. Of course, there's also the option to call up and OT and discuss the next delivery. Each month the box your child gets comes with one or two toys based on his/her developmental needs. Little Giants notes that, " "The toy may not be the most popular one on the market or one full of bells and whistles, but it is what is most beneficial for that child at this stage of their development. The Box Gurus work hard at identifying the right tools to help parents keep their child on track at home."
Baby B's box came with toy dumbbells, a rubber duck, and a dolphin bath mit. So cute! The weights are great for him, with a mirror, rattle, clinking rings, and crunchy noise parts. They fit exactly where he is developmentally. The bath toys make tub time even more fun for him. He loves them.

M2's box came with a Melissa and Doug hammer and ball toy. It is PERFECT for her. Rather than hitting and banging other things, she can use this while also working on her motor skills. She's learning cause and effect by watching the balls fall after hammering them. 

You can tell OTs picked the toys specifically rather than someone randomly grabbing the toys because they look neat or are popular. The dumbbells and M2's toy are defiantly quality, not cheaply made.

The prices are bit high were it just the toys alone, but the real draw is that the toys are tested and picked by OTs and that you can discuss with them your child's needs. That's something you can't get anywhere else and that can be invaluable, especially if you happen to have a special needs child. Plus, the toys are well made. It's a great subscription service.

You can learn more about Little Giants and start a subscription online.

You can find our disclosure and policy here. I received this product at no cost in exchange for an unbiased review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Your experiences may differ. 


  1. The toys look amazing...Nice colors, and your kid is really enjoying it:) Tea

  2. I always relied on other parents experiences when I bought developmental toys for my boys when they were babies.

  3. What a great way to get age appropriate. When I was raising my babies we didn't have all this new technology and I think it is so needed in this day and age because children don't have the same freedoms anymore.

  4. My boys aren't anymore playing toys, this is great way to get age appropriate.

  5. I really like how much thought went into the toys. As a parent, I really appreciate that!

  6. those look like great toys. will be passing this along to a few friends.

  7. Interesting toys and yes it is not easy to find a right toy for your kid to learn something out of it!

  8. that is cool how hey develop and thinking behind toy design. Love it.


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