May 14, 2015

N is for Nest Craft

Rainy days can be difficult for little ones who enjoy nice weather and feel cooped up inside. I am joining 25 other bloggers in the A-Z of Rainy Day Activities  blog hop to give you great ideas of what to do with your kids when the weather is bad. Today, I bring you the letter N.

Lately, M2 has been fascinated with birds. We live in the country, so see lots of birds. She points and says, "brr," whenever a bird flies by her view. We even have two bird nests in the yard right now, one which just hatched. Visiting the baby birds before our daily walks is a must.

When rainy days took over last week, her new obsession gave the the idea to do a nest craft with her. We made a tree, a bird, and a nest for the bird to live in. M2 had lots of fun and is so proud of her craft work. She just had to show it off to her uncles who came to visit.

The craft is also an opening to teach your kids about birds and nests. While we crafted, I told M2 about birds and how they make nests out of pieces of things they find. We have a few bird nests in our yard now, so I told her how the birdies have eggs in the nests, which hatch into baby birdies. You can get more detailed and go more in-depth depending on the age of your child.

School glue
1 piece blue felt (you can get packs or single pieces at the store)
1 piece brown felt
1 piece green foam (you can get packs or single pieces at the store)
Googly eye
Foam stickers of flowers, birds, butterflies--whatever you'd like to include
Medium brown, light brown, and multi-color yarn

Moms can do this part, unless you have older kids who are able to do these steps
Cut yarn into small pieces, roughly 1/2 to 1 inch long
Cut foam into the shape of the top of a tree
Cut blue felt into shape of a bird
Cut brown felt into a nest shape
Cut remaining brown felt into a tree trunk shape

The kids take over here
Glue googly eye and feathers onto the bird
Glue yarn pieces onto the nest
Stick on the stickers where ever
Glue the top of the tree to the trunk
Glue the nest onto the space at the bottom of the tree top and top of the trunk
Glue bird onto the nest

Next up on the blog hop is an obstacle course from Cutting Tiny Bites.

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  1. How awesome! :) I love anything craft related. Great post!

  2. So neat. That is a great activity.

  3. Elizabeth O.5/14/2015 8:01 AM

    How creative! My little girls love the outdoors, but they'll love this more when the rainy season begins.

  4. Excellent that you are joining 25 other bloggers in the A-Z of Rainy Day Activities blog hop and this craft and your time spent with M2 is all fun learning - great job :)

  5. This is so cute!! I love the feathers!

  6. That is super cute. What a fun idea for a project with the kids.

  7. Super cute! We love crafting so my kids would love this!

  8. So great to see a child's natural curiosity come out! We spent a whole year in our homeschooling studying birds and other flying creatures. We all had a lot of fun learning, including me!

  9. I love this activity! Such a great way to engage kids and get them thinking about (and appreciating) wildlife this spring.

  10. Wow! If I was a kid, I would have enjoyed making a nest on a rainy day. Great idea of using felt and yarn for the nest. Very colorful!

  11. That's cute and actually quite handy since we have rain coming for the next two days :D

  12. Calif is experiencing drought and so many moms would love a rainy day!

  13. Oh my gosh this is super cute! I'm compiling a list of crafts for my kiddos and this is definitely going on!

  14. We have a lot of rainy days coming so these will be great crafts for us to do.

  15. This looks like a fun craft for kids. Super creative and colorful nest!

  16. Great idea! It's always good when you can incorporate real life interests and events as teachable moments.

  17. this is so cute. Saving for a rainy day.


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