May 27, 2015

Top 15 Items for New Parents

Having two kids in two years, a boy and a girl, I've learned what items are
important to have during the first year. These are items that I use, LOVE, and simply couldn't do without as a mom.

1. KinderGlo portable nightlight
These are awesome. You can get different animals and shapes (elephant, dragon, bear, moon, owl, hippo, T-rex, brontosaurus, and angel) that change colors. It's not too bright or too dim, either. The light-up part comes off the charger base so you can move it around the room at night when changing diapers or doing checks. Or, your child can sleep with it closer to the bed when needed. 

2. American Baby mattress cover
The best mattress cover I've found, and I've tried a bunch. It's plush and soft without being too thick, keeps the bed a bit warmer in winter without being hot in summer, is organic, and holds up well. It actually fits over the mattress to cover the whole thing without having that annoying edge where it's the sides rather than the top covering. I recommend line drying, if you can.

3. Davinci Kalani crib
We've had one of these for each kid, plus my sister has one for her two. It's sturdy, look nice, and don't break the bank. Even better, it converts to a toddler bed, day bed, then full-size bed. M2 has jumped up and down on hers endlessly and it still stands without issue.

4. Emily mattress by Davinci
The mattress works perfectly with the Davinci cribs. Without being too pricey, it's good quality with an infant and toddler side.

5. Graco changing table
I know some people say to skip the changing table, but I love it. It's so much easier than bending over a bed or crib, plus it offers extra storage. When B is older, we're going to turn his into a bookcase. The Graco ones are stylish, sturdy, and affordable.

6. Playtex ventaire bottles-- 6 oz. and 9 oz.
I'm not a fan of the glass bottles that are heavy, hard to transport, expensive, and could break. We've used these for both kids, as have a number of family members. The new design has made them even better. Just be sure to hand wash (as you should with all baby items anyway). B has reflux and these bottles work great for him. You can even get a starter gift set.

7. Graco swing and bouncer
The three-in-one swings are AMAZING. Since it plugs in, you don't have to worry about going through tons of batteries. It can be used as a swing, swing and vibrating seat, vibrating/bouncy seat, or just bouncy seat. Really, a four-in-one. M2 and B both have loved it. We've had the same one for both.

8. Graco travel system
I love, love, love our travel system. We got it for M2 and are now using it for B. For me, it's easiest to be able to take the car seat in and out, rather than baby when they're so little. Being able to snap it right into the stroller comes in handy, too. You can also get just the car seat or just a stroller. Graco strollers I found to be the sturdiest, easiest to put up and collapse, easiest to maneuver, and best bang for your buck. Even at 8 months pregnant, I could still easily fold and pick it up. We're using M2's for B now and it still looks brand new.

9. Britax Boulevard convertible car seat
This seat is consistently rated as one of the safest out there. It fits easily in our sedans. M2 finds it really comfy. You can use it for infant all the way up to front facing. If you don't want to have to get an infant seat then convertible, you can just get this one from the start.

10. ERGO baby carrier
I love, love, love our ERGO. It's easy to put on, doesn't hurt by back or shoulders at all, feels supported, and supports baby ergonomically.

11. Medela Lanolin
Lanolin is a must for breast feeding. It's also great for diaper rashes since it's gentle and natural. The Medela brand is my favorite as it's not overly thick and hard to use like many other kinds. It's nice and smooth, ready to use.

12. Huggies Little Snugglers, Pampers Swaddlers, Pampers Baby Dry or Luvs diapers
These are the best diapers for babies. I like the Huggies and Pampers ones equally for wee babies and go by which is cheaper. When baby is crawling, I go for Luvs or Pampers Baby Dry over the others. The Baby Dry ones can take you from newborn to walking. They're equally soft, absorbent, and even have cute characters on them. The wetness indicator lines come in handy with small babies. Start out with some size newborn and some size 1. Amazon subscribe and save combined with Amazon Mom saves you even more on these brands. Check for coupons on the listings as well, there's often the option to clip and save. I have yet to find cheaper in store, even with coupons.

13. Huggies Wipes
So many wipes rip, aren't big enough, wet enough, or thick enough. Huggies are great and you can get them for even cheaper than some store brands when you use Amazon Mom.

14. Baby Oil
Baby oil is perfect for getting the icky cradle cap off of baby. Put some on during bath time, comb over it repeatedly and gently until it comes off, then wash baby's hair twice to get the oil out.

15. Crane Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier
We have two of these, one for each kid. Whenever the kids get a cold or cough, the humidifier gets pulled out and put to use. The Crane ones are adorable and fun. They hold enough to run all night, even on high, doesn't leak, has a good out put, isn't huge, and is easy to clean. There are lots of cute ones to pick from -- elephant, tiger, penguin, owl, frog, cow, pig, monkey, duck, panda, Hello Kitty, dragon, hippo, and dog.

Don't forget
Amazon offers a baby registry where you can add items from any store online. It helps keep everything together on one list rather than having to have so many different ones to keep track of (and your gift givers to get confused by). Amazon even offers a completion discount of 10 percent, 15 percent if you have Prime.

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  1. Liked reading through your list to get possible gift ideas. Love the baby picture. How adorable!

  2. You have some great picks here. I had a lot of Graco products for my boys when they were babies.

  3. Sharing with parents I know who will find it helpful.

  4. Things see to have gotten so much better for new moms than when I was one.

  5. That is a great list! We have many of these items ourselves and use them daily!

  6. Great list! I'll admit I didn't use many of these items. I'm more simple and after 6 more things just mean more clutter! - jeanine

  7. This is a really great list. I am sure new parents will find it very helpful.

  8. My niece is having a baby. This is the perfect checklist for her.

  9. These are really great! I wish I had some of these for my first baby!

  10. thanks for creating this list of wonderful products...very useful

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  12. These are all great! My sister just had a baby so I will make sure she see's your post!


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