July 5, 2015

Adorable Rattles for Baby

There are so many rattles out on the market now, yet Zubels ZuBugs rattles stand out from the crowd. They're hand-knitted with 100 percent organic cotton. Perfect not just for rattling, but for hugging and cuddling, too. I got an adorable caterpillar one in exchange for this review. It was meant for baby B, yet M2 adores it so much she took it away from him and has kept it for herself. As soon as it came out of the package, she grabbed him and ran off. We've named him Buggy. I don't think M2 is going to be giving him over to B any time soon.

The dyes used in the yarn are so soft and are eco-friendly and low-impact. They're even hand stuffed. Zubels makes sweaters, hats, other toys, booties and pants as well. All are hand-knit and 100 percent cotton as well, though not all are organic.

The rattle is very well made and the perfect size to rattle and hug. It's so soft and the colors are vibrant, yet not garishly bright. One of the best things about it is that it is handmade and organic -- and adorable to boot!
This post is sponsored by Zubels.

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