August 31, 2015

The Six Mom Camps of the Breastfeeding vs. Formula Battle

Heads up, moms. I'm giving you fair warning now, while you can still prepare yourself and build a thick skin for what's coming. You're about to stumble into a hotbed of heated debates. There is no way to avoid it. You will get the side-eye, no matter what you choose, as someone won't be happy with your personal, none-of-their-damn-business choice. You will find your nearest and dearest, who you never thought capable of it, extolling the virtues of their choice as they try to make you one follow suit. Moms you've never met are about to pounce on you in the store and even online. No one is safe. You, my unwitting friend, are about to be blindsided with the new breastfeeding-or-formula-feeding throw down. There are six main camps of moms you're about to encounter.

August 26, 2015

Easy & Healthy Herb Chicken and Fresh Roasted Veggies

Preparing healthy recipes for dinner that aren't complicated and don't take forever to do can seem daunting at times. This recipe for herb chicken and fresh, roasted veggies is so incredibly simple you'll be amazed you haven't made it yet. It's low calorie and very healthy. The veggies are the focus of the meal. They are all fresh, upping the yum factor, and the chicken is boneless and skinless without added sauces, marinades, etc., to keep the calories down. If you want, you can add rice as a side for the dish. I find it isn't needed and not having it helps me keep the carb-count down.

aa Easy, Healthy Herb Chicken and Fresh Roasted Veggies


August 24, 2015

Attacking a Divorcing Mom

Recently I read something that drove me up the wall. A syndicated radio personality and his wife, a SAHM, are getting divorced. I've followed her for years because she's a fellow mom blogger. Apparently, he spilled quite the load of info on the radio that he probably shouldn't have. It lead to his wife being trashed across social media. People attacked her not even knowing her side. Left right and center, Instagram, his Facebook, her Facebook, you name it, she was getting slammed. One of the common themes was, "How dare she leave with HIS kids? How dare she take HIS money? This was obviously premeditated!" A healthy dose of, "You cold-hearted bitch," and "You monster!" was splashed around as well. Like watching American Idol or the Kardashians, it was a train wreck of epic proportions I just couldn't yank myself from reading. And I just got more pissed as I did.

August 19, 2015

Family Fun at Mystic Aquarium

As part of our recent escape from daily life, we planned a trip to Mystic Aquarium in Mystic, Conn., to get in some much-needed quality family time. M2 love animals of any kind so we knew she'd love it. It was her and Baby B's first time at an aquarium. My mom came along for the full multi-generational family experience.

August 17, 2015

Tea for Two for Mom and Me

M2, B, A and I spent the last week visiting family in Connecticut. With A's job changes, my medical issues and M2's diagnosis, it was a much needed break from daily life. Plus, I got to meet my newest niece who was just born in July. We all stayed with my parents as a hotel and small kids, especially a baby and a child on the autism spectrum, do not mix. My mom and I took advantage of the time together to have a mother-daughter day out. One of our absolute favorite things to is is try out tea rooms for afternoon tea. We've visited tea rooms in a few states so we eager to visit Tea with Tracy to add Connecticut to our list.

August 12, 2015

Back-Yard Edibles

For this post, I'm welcoming back guest-blogger Lindsey. You can read her previous article about life with Asperger's here. She's my go-to person on gardening, plants and living off the land and is going to share some of her edible plant knowledge* with this article.
The recent movement toward local and sustainable farming practices has seen a wonderful uptick in the breadth of available resources for people concerned with the sources of their nutrition. New product labeling, local farmers’ markets, and home gardening and canning have all had a revival of interest as effort is paid by the consumer to make ethically- and environmentally-conscientious diet choices. However, I’ve found one aspect of this resurgence rather under-appreciated – the wild edible.*

For a long time, and not without just cause, there has been a stigma over foraging wild plants for food. Misidentification of species, harvesting the wrong part, or failing to prepare them in a certain way, has led to serious illness and death for many well-intentioned people. Outside of the legal and potential health ramifications, there are also longer-term sustainability concerns when a particular species is over harvested. A well known example is wild American ginseng. It was once a common plant through forested regions of the country, but its popularity has led to severely reduced numbers in the wild from indiscriminate harvesting.

August 5, 2015

Back-to-School Blog Hop Link Party

It's that time of year. If you've got school-aged kids, you're surely busy preparing for our children's return to school or preparing for the homeschool year. In light of that, I'd like to welcome you to our Back-to-School Blog Hop Link Party where you can link up all of your back to school themed posts.

This month-long blog hop is all about back to school. You are welcome to link up your family-friendly posts that show how your family is preparing for the back to school season.


Chewy Granola Chip Bars

I'm very happy to introduce you to guest blogger Sandra who is sharing a delicious granola bar recipe originally from her blog, Scrumptilitious 4 You!

I know I have been saying on many recipes that they are fast and easy, but it needs to be said again for these bars. With only five ingredients and a no bake recipe you know they have to be quick!

August 3, 2015

How to Get Your Photo Library Ruly

If you're like me, you have lots of saved, unorganized photos. I'm one of those people who just keeps taking pictures, hoping I'll get a few good ones of the kids that aren't blurred, eyes closed, not looking, squirming, hands-covering-face. That leads to many photos to sort through, something I never really get around to doing. The ones I do pick out I don't have much time to edit. When you're blogging, taking care of two kids and a whole house, time is at a premium. Now, though, I've been introduced to Ruly.