September 28, 2015

Fall Craft Week and Fall Recipe Week Coming Soon

When fall comes around, I get the urge to start crafting and breaking out the cool-weather recipes. There are so many fun and educational crafts to do for autumn. The flavors of fall call to me as well -- spices, apples, pumpkin, cranberries and more wrapped up in hot, comfort-food dishes to delight the senses. This love for the season has inspired me to introduce something fun on the blog over the next month: Fall Craft Week and Fall Recipe Week!

For each special week, from Monday through Friday, a new post is going up on the blog. It'll either be a new craft or recipe from me, or a round up from other blogs of crafts or recipes that I find interesting. All around the theme of fall, of course!

Join me here on The SAH Life Craft Week starting next Monday. The week is set to run October 5 through 9, starting off with an educational, fun decoration M2 and I made recently. I've got three other new crafts to share with you that week along with round ups of kid-friendly and mom-only crafts to get your fall creativity flowing.

Later in the month, drop by for Recipe Week running October 19 through 23. I'll start off that week with a few delicious fall breakfast recipes. Another day is going to be entrees, another desserts, one of round ups from other bloggers and one that's still being planned. A whole bunch of deliciousness to inspire your fall cooking and baking! If you're a blogger who would like to be included in the round up, fill out the submission form here.

Before and after these special weeks I have a whole host of other great posts planned for you, starting off with an autism-related post Wednesday and including the next installment of "The Fat Kid" Tells All series. If you don't already, like the blog Facebook page and follow me on Twitter to keep up-to-date with what's new on the blog and to get reminders about Fall Craft Week and Fall Recipe Week! While you're at it, follow me on Pinterest as well so you can save all the new crafts and recipes to your own boards.

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