September 8, 2015

Learn What to Toss, What to Try and What to Buy with The Green Beauty Rules

Toxic-free beauty products have become increasingly popular in the last few years. More and more people want to know exactly what's in the products they're using on their and their children's bodies. The Green Beauty Rules by Paige Padgett is a new book on beauty to help you learn how to understand and find safe, chemical-free products.

Paige Padgett is a Hollywood makeup artist for stars such as Jillian Michaels. She fills her book with tips and tricks to get the best toxic-free looks. The book is her step-by-step guide to understanding what green beauty is, what you need to look for and what she recommends using at both the cheaper and splurge ends of the price spectrum. Paige doesn't want the process of going green to be difficult, so breaks it all down with just the right amount of explanation so you walk away with knowledge and a plan, rather than being overwhelmed and wondering where in the world to start.

I particularly liked her 80/20 rule -- 80 percent of the time use toxin-free green beauty products and the other 20 percent splurge on something fun you want to use, even if it's not totally without chemicals. Her explanation on the difference between natural, organic and chemically-safe labels and definitions of common terms you see on packages is easy to understand and helps to decode all the confusing buzz words floating around. I found her list of the three P's to avoid and the explanations as to why to be helpful. There is so much confusing information out there. Paige's book is a good handbook to wade through it all, get the info you really need and not end up with a headache at the end.

Paige's style of writing is very straight forward and easy to read, even with all the information that's in it. There is just the right amount of info to give you what you need to know without over doing it. The book isn't a dry read at all, Paige writes as though she's talking to a friend. I find it very easy to read the book from cover to cover in no time at all. It also makes a great reference tool, especially since there are instructions on how to achieve different looks and so many helpful suggestions. The beautiful photos and illustrations add to the reading pleasure.

From an interview with Paige:
  1. What makes a beauty product "green"?
    For me, it's being chemically safe and ideally with primarily natural ingredients. Organic is a bonus especially for makeup. It's impossible to find color that is 100 percent organic, but often you will find organic ingredients. I strive for chemically-safe ingredients.
  2. What is the difference between organic and natural?
    Unfortunately, the word "natural" means nothing in marketing and on labels. There's no regulation for the term. Organic is more regulated, but regulation is a bit lax and ambigious for the average person. According to the USDA, in order for a product to use the term "100 percent organic" it must be just that excluding water and salt. To use the USDA Organic seal, a product must be at least 95 organic excluding water and salt. To use the word organic, a product must have 70 percent or more organic ingredients. If the product has less than 70 percent organic ingredients, the term organic is not allowed on the label anywhere. So, you see how confusing it can be. You really have to research it.
  3. What green beauty swaps can you suggest?
    Look for white willow bark and grapeseed oil instead of parabens and essential oils instead of fragrance.
  4. If people choose not to go 100 percent green, what are some harmful ingredients you recommend they avoid?
    Omit fragrance. By eliminating fragrance, you can cut out 30 to 300 potentially toxic chemicals. More than 90 percent of chemicals in fragrance are petrochemicals. Phthalates are especially of concern since they are fragrance and are linked to birth defects in boys. If you see the words fragrance, perfume or parfum, don't buy it.
You can find out more about the book and buy it on Amazon.

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