October 10, 2015

Halloween Hand, Foot & Thumb Print Art

My inspiration for this craft is two things: Kid's love of getting messy, coating their hands and feet in paint and goo. Kids grow so fast, their little hands and feet grow bigger every day. As a mom, I try to capture that each year so that the next year I can see how much they've grown and remember how little they were. This Halloween craft captures your child's hand, foot and thumb prints together in art you can your home with for years to remind you of the times that came before. Their adorable handprint becomes a tree, thumbprints a pumpkin patch and footprint a ghost!

Fall Craft Week
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Thin black ribbon with glitter
Vanilla-colored acrylic paint
Pumpkin-colored acrylic paint
Brown acrylic paint
Deep green acrylic paint
White acrylic paint
Jet black acrylic paint
Orange-yellow acrylic paint
Paint brushes
Sponge brushes
Paper plates or something else to put you paint on/in
Hot glue gun and glue
2 round wood plaques
1 square wood plaque


Paint the plaques using the sponge brushes so the paint is even -- the square with the orange-yellow paint and the rounds with a 50/50 mixture of the white and the vanilla-colored paint. Let them dry completely. Use the regular paint brushes for the other steps.
Paint your child's hand with the brown paint and have them put their print at an angle on one of the rounds. Paint on a trunk to complete the tree.
Dump out some of the pumpkin-colored paint on a plate and have your child put their thumb in it then make thumb prints by the tree to create a pumpkin patch.
Paint a small line with the brown paint at the top of each pumpkin to be the stems then next to each paint a smaller line with the green to be the leaves.

Paint your child's foot with the white paint and have them step on the other round. Have their heel by the top as the top will be the ghost's head. Paint eyes on mouth on the ghost with the black paint.
Paint "Boo!" under the foot print with the black paint with a touch of the pumpkin color mixed in.

Paint "Happy Halloween" on the square plaque, alternating between the black and pumpkin-color paints.
Paint a swoosh and two dots underneath the words.

Let the paint dry completely.
Cut a piece of ribbon for the hanger, however long you'd like, and hot glue each end to the back. Be sure to glue it so that there isn't any kinks in the ribbon.
Cut a piece of ribbon so that one will go from the middle of the square to the middle of the round with about 2 inches between the plaques. Cut another piece the same way, to go from one round to another, again with 2 inches of ribbon between them.
Figure out how you want the art on the front of the plaques centered and determine where the center is -- this is where you'll want to glue your ribbon on the back. The square should be first, then the tree and pumpkin patch followed by the ghost.
Glue your ribbons on the back by hot gluing a line from the top to the middle of each piece then sticking the ribbon over it.
After the glue dries, hang up your new art!

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