October 29, 2015

Helping Kids Learn through Texting

It's no secret that kids today rely on technology. For everything. Smartphones and texting are what draw and keep their attention. So why not use that to your advantage to help your child learn? With Prepcube eLearning Solution, kids from fourth grade through high school can sign up to get get daily text messages that help them learn and prepare for upcoming tests. Prepcube is a text-based study platform with educational content created to embrace kids' love of texting, rather than letting them be distracted by it. Designed by tutors, the texts cover common core ELA and math for grades 4 through 8 and prepare kids in grades 9 through 12 for the SAT, ACT and SHSAT. (Don't miss the coupon code at the bottom of the post!)

Elementary through Middle School Students
With the common core package, kids get a new text with a short weekly lesson each Monday. The rest of the week, they then get another text with a picture question pertaining to the lesson along with a solution via video. Texts arrive at 6 p.m. The questions can be worked through right on the smartphone. The lessons are based on the child's grade to target the appropriate level. Daily 20 minute online tutoring sessions are included with the package as well.

I took a look at video lessons in different grades and found them very straight forward and easy to understand. The tutors are clear, to the point, and illustrate exactly what they're talking about on the screen as they go through the lesson. The videos are like watching a big white board while the tutor explains everything to you. Through the videos, I was able to follow and figure out math concepts I struggled with back then (and would have no hope of remembering how to figure out now). As someone who struggled with math in school, something like this would have been so helpful for me. The videos and texts are your own portable tutor!
High School Students
For SAT, ACT and SHSAT test prep, users get daily picture questions sent at 6 p.m. to work through from their smartphone. Kids get a correct or incorrect response, along with a video explanation so they better understand the question and learn more. Additional questions are available via tablet, mobile or PC. Packages include mobile and web-based Q and A as well. Either 20 or 30 minutes of daily online tutoring with seasoned tutor is part of the package to make sure the lessons connect with your students and concepts are retained.

Stay Consistent with Studying
Since the texts are daily, Prepcube keeps kids on a consistent study pattern to better absorb information, rather than them cramming at the last minute. Kids also have access to over 1,100 questions for their exam type via instant messenger to take the learning a step further.

Parental Engagement
Parents can get engaged, too, to help their students stay on track. Check in to see if your child is keeping up with the daily questions and see all the videos yourself through the Prepcube instant messaging platform. The texts are also a good reminder to sit down with your child for a few minutes of studying. You can work out the questions together each evening, or in the morning before school.

As I watched the videos from a parent's standpoint, it was easy to see how helpful they are for us, too. We parents can see exactly what is going on so that it's easier to help our kids figure it all out. Sort of a mini-refresher course rather than blindly trying to remember math most of us haven't done in years or figure out an easy way to explain math that's second nature to us now.

Find Out More and a Coupon
Find out more with a video on YouTube, by connecting on Facebook and Twitter, and on the Prepcube site, where you can sign up for a package for as low as $9.99 a month. Thanks to Prepcube, as one of my readers you can use the discount code STAYHOMELIFE to get 25 percent off.

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