October 5, 2015

Pumpkin, Leaf & Acorn Fall Craft and Homeschool Lesson

Pumpkins, acorns and leaves scream fall to me. Their colors are gorgeous and when you see them, there is no mistaking autumn is here with crisp air, bonfires, apple picking and wonderous views. To bring a little bit of the outside inside, M2 and I did a craft with all three. Once we finished, we had a beautiful decoration to set on the hutch.
Homeschool Lesson
While we painted, I talked with M2 about colors, shapes, fall, acorns, leaves and pumpkins to add a toddler age appropriate homeschool lesson. To help her with taking turns, sharing and team work, the craft has aspects I had to do or help her with. She learns best through art and music, so this craft a perfect way to incorporate learning. When we were done, she was so proud of her work!

For older kids, you can go more in-depth while you craft or do a lesson before followed by the hands-on art. They'll be able to do the craft themselves also.

Fall Craft Week
Next up for Fall Craft Week is a roundup of 20 crafts for kids from other bloggers followed by my cute Welcome, Fall Wooden Sign. Friday I'll have adorable hand print, footprint and thumbprint Halloween art M2 and I created to share with you. There's also a roundup of 15 crafts for moms coming up Thursday!

Orange acrylic paint the shade of pumpkins
Green acrylic paint the shade of leaves
Brown acrylic paint the shade of a pumpkin stem
Apple-red acrylic paint
Autumn colored silk leaves
Small glass display bowl
Acorns gathered from outdoors
Orange permanent marker, fine tip

Directions and Lesson
Mom's turn: Draw four circles around the bowl with the permanent marker so your child knows where to paint.
Child's turn: Paint inside the circles. Talk about how the shape is a circle, the color orange and other things that are orange.
Mom's turn: If needed, clean up the paint that went outside the line or clean it up a bit with paint, making them bigger.
Mom's and child's turn: With both of you holding the brush, paint stems on each pumpkin then vines connecting each stem. Finish off the stems with leaves which you can make by adding thick lines randomly. Talk about how pumpkins grow on the ground on vines that come from stems. Identify brown and green and name other things that are those colors.
Child's turn: Plop the acorns in the bowl. Talk about how acorns come from trees and that squirrels eat the nuts.
Mom's turn: Cut the leaves off the stems.
Child's turn: Add the leaves to the bowl. Talk about how leaves grow on trees and change to pretty colors in the fall. Name the colors and other things that are those colors.
Mom's turn: With the red paint, write "fall" on one side vertically between two pumpkins then the year on the opposite side between two pumpkins. Talk about fall, including fun things you do, how the weather changes, that it's when the leaves change colors, pumpkins are ready to pick and squirrels begin collecting the acorns.
Let your project dry then enjoy the beauty of fall indoors!

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  1. What a fun lesson for homeschooling parents! I love hos it came out.

  2. What a beautiful way of connecting with your child and it looks so professional too. Thank you for sharing!

  3. My boys are asking for pumpkins already. The stores near us dont have any yet.

  4. What a cute craft. This turned out great and you can display it all season!

  5. super cute. My nieces love making crafts.

  6. I've been randomly picking up acorns and nuts on my walks. they are so beautiful. Great job incorporating them into your lessons.

  7. I love this. With three four-year-old and a six-year-old home for Fall break, this is going to be the perfect craft activity for this week. Thank you.

  8. I love the bowl. Such a fun idea.

  9. I am always so amazed by you, a mother and a teacher of everything including craft. Amazing!

  10. I really like your lessons and chatter as you go through the creative process. Super cool idea.

  11. Cute fall crafts and very fun ! Love the idea

  12. What a cute crafts. i need to teach this for my kids and this is so much fun for them and it looks cute on the center table.

  13. Elizabeth O.10/06/2015 6:28 AM

    What a fun project to do with the kids. It's true actually, to help them learn more, while crafting or doing an activity, give them bits of information as you go along. That's what I also do with my twins.

  14. It looks so nice. I am planning to make chandelier with fall leaves.

  15. I will be homeschooling fir the first time ever next year. This is going in my homeschoolING resource notebook!

  16. Love that idea! Really cute craft!

  17. This is fun project and I love how it turned out. The girls will enjoy making this.

  18. love it, such a cute idea and kid friendly - even better ;)

  19. What a wonderful way to re-purpose nature. Our leaves haven't really started falling yet

  20. What a fun and creative project! My daughter would love doing this! Thanks for sharing at the Manic Mondays blog hop :)

  21. Wow! What a patient little painter you have. adorable too. Thanks for sharing on the #HomeMattersParty this week. I hope you join us next week.


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