November 5, 2015

Non-Messy Painting Crafts for Kids

Painting projects are a great way to make gifts for the holidays and to do fun every-day art. M2 has been using hers to make Christmas presents for her grandparents. She picked out a few wood frames at the craft store which she's painting herself. Once she's done, all I need to do is put in a picture of her and baby B to finish it off. The grandparents get an awesome personalized gift she made herself that they will love, she enjoyed making and that doesn't break the gift budget for me. For a fun fall craft, I let M2 paint a mini pumpkin and a wood cut out of a ghost as well.

M2 loves making these crafts and it helps her to learn colors and fine motor skills. But with a young kid paint can be a nightmare. It ends up all over the floor, clothes, the painter and sometimes even the walls. Basically, nothing in a 5-foot radius is safe when a young kid wields a paintbrush. With regular paint, I have to be right with her and watch every second or there is mess everywhere. Regular paints also lead to a long production of having to find brushes, plates to put the paint on, covering the table, covering M2, then cleaning the table, M2, brushes, and anything else the paint coats (most often the chair she sits in). She usually ends up staining her clothes as well. With the mini pumpkin, I'd been wanting to let her do it but dreaded having paint dripping off the pumpkin and all over everything. Kwik Stix has been an awesome solution to all these problems.

The Kwik Stix are actually less mess than markers even. Any paint easily comes off M2's hands so she doesn't get upset about having dirty hands. That makes them perfect for kids with sensory issues like she has. Any paint that gets on the table (little hands sometimes slip) wipes up quickly and easily. None gets on clothes because the paint dries almost immediately. The box says 90 seconds, but I think it's actually faster. Even when M2 drags her sleeves through the project, she stays clean. I don't have to worry about keep her sleeves rolled up and having her wear a craft apron. I don't even have to cover the table or floor!

Kwik Stix are solid tempera paint sticks that come in either a 6 or 12 pack of  assorted vibrant colors. The sticks painted easily on the wood frames and pumpkin. Both got coated perfectly. The paint works on other kinds of surfaces, too, like canvas, poster board and paper. The colors are vibrant and dry nicely without cracking. M2 only had to do one paint coat for the colors to pop. There aren't any messy brush lines, either. The final product ends up with a much more finished look. M2 was even able to paint the sides of the frame without a big mess. Other than twisting up the sticks, there wasn't really anything I had to help her with. The Kwik Stix paint so easily and are so fun that I tried to sneak in a bit of painting myself (M2 wasn't pleased with that and promptly grabbed the sticks away from me). After the projects we did, there is still plenty of paint left in each. We'll be able to do lots more projects as gifts and for fun.

I love being able to just hand M2 the sticks and what to paint on then let her go to it. She stays entertained for a long time so I can take care of baby B and get some housework done. She can easily get the caps on and off so needs little supervision. All she has to do is pick a color, uncap it and paint. The paint sticks twist (think Chapstick tube type) to get more paint up. That's the only thing I need to help her with. Even if I have to leave the room to tend to baby B, I know there won't be paint dumped all over or splattered on the walls. I'm much more willing to let her paint every week now that there's no extra work for me!

If your little artist loves to paint, Kwik Stix would make a perfect present for the upcoming holidays. For you and the kids, since you can let them have fun being a little Monet creating the Christmas gifts (less shopping for you!) while you whip up a batch of cookies to include with the gift. You can buy the 12 pack of Kwik Stix on Amazon here and the 6 pack on Amazon here. Stop on by and connect with The Pencil Grip on Facebook, too.

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  1. I hate messes made by paint. These look great!

  2. My oldest granddaughter could spend hours painting/drawing. She likes to paint animals especially water animals.

  3. I just recently introduced painting to my 3 year old baby and she enjoyed doing it. These items looks great. I want one for her!

  4. These are awesome. I need to look for these for my girls. Thanks so much for sharing :)

  5. I never let my kids paint because of the mess! These look great. Thanks for the chance to win!


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