December 9, 2015

DIY Holiday Snow Globes

It's getting down to the wire for deciding what to have the kiddos give Grandma and Grandpa or Great-Aunt Rita for the holidays. The hand print ornament is always a hit, but we did that last year. Why not make something festive that's a bit different -- a snow globe! Guest poster Laurie is here to show you how to make them.

Snow globes are a great inexpensive craft project that can be personalized however you'd like. Silly and fun with a plastic elephant and horse or take a classic Christmas route with plastic ornament balls. Even a couple pieces of that old fake tree from the basement can make a really cute snow globe.

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First, you need to figure out what kind of container you want to use. My husband and I had decided on glass milk bottles and small plastic cookie jars. Both are only $1 each at the Dollar Store.

Now, it's time to collect your crafting tools and decorations. Don't forget the glitter! You'll need a hot glue gun and rubber cement to adhere your decorations and lid. A little bit of bleach or rubbing alcohol is also needed. We'll get to why a little later.

For the decorations have the kids run around the house looking for something from their toy box to use. While they do that, why not see what plastic ornament balls you have left over after putting up the tree? Also think of how to dress up the outside of your globe. Get creative!

For this example I've chosen a glass milk bottle and tiny plastic ornaments I picked up from the dollar section (who can resist Target dollar bins). Using my glue gun, I drizzled some into the bottom of my bottle then dropped in my ornaments. Then repeated that process until I liked how it looked.

Now, the bleach/ rubbing alcohol is needed. Just a tiny bit of bleach or alcohol mixed in with the water you use to fill the container. We're using this so no bacteria ends up growing through the years.

Before you fill with water don't forget the glitter! There's no specific amount to add since it will vary from what kind of jar or bottle you decide to use. You won't need a whole lot and even dollar stores carry some.

Before gluing on the lid, secure it then give it a shake. You might find you want to add a little more glitter or some out. Once you like how it looks grab the rubber cement and a paper towel.

Make sure the area where you'll be putting the glue is dry. With the rubber cement you'll want to put glue on the lid and your container. Put a generous amount and wipe away access.

Time to decorate the outside! For mine I chose some ribbon (dollar section again) and a baby pine cone picked by my stepdaughter.

The snow globes are a simple craft to do by mom or dad and fun for the kids to pick the decorations. Our family made 11 or 12 and spent about $20 total. This a great way to give cute and unique gift, plus keep your piggy bank from being smashed.

Happy Holiday crafting!

Special thanks to my husband for the idea and help making them!

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