December 2, 2015

How to Keep Your Home Toasty and Utility Bills Low

One of my least favorite things about winter is getting freezing cold feet. The floors are always so cold! I pile on socks and slippers when really, I'd prefer to be barefoot. Another of my least favorite things about winter is the heating bill. Our bill more than doubles trying to keep the house warm enough, even though we all wear heavier clothes. I dream of a cozy house without the chill and of toasty warm feet while I watch the snow gently fall outside. It's the ideal winter dream, truly! Now, my dream can become reality.

I found out how to make my dream a reality when I saw this video about Warmboard by "The Cousins" of HGTV and am now enamored. (With Warmboard, though I love the cousins, too! Total HGTV fan here.)

With this radiant heat system, (instead of forced-air heat typical in homes) you get no registers, no noise or dust from mechanical systems, no air blowing on you (and drying out your skin, which I so hate with my already dry skin) and no cold feet! What you do get is comfort, toasty toes and lower energy bills. I'll admit it, I missed the whole part about lower bills at first because I was too caught up with idea of toasty toes. Warmboard is designed to keep the temperature of your home at that perfect dream level of cozy. The heat is even and adjusts throughout the day automatically so you don't end up with hot or cold spots or needing a hoodie at 10 a.m. but then roasting at 2 p.m.

The heat system comes in especially handy in homes with high ceilings since no air is lost. Warmboard adjusts throughout the day to keep the heat just right so you're not cold or roasting at various times of the day. For those with asthma, the lack of blowing air can help with dust mite and other allergen reduction. I'm really liking the stable temperature aspect since my skin is so dry. We end up with humidifiers around the house, which gets loud, all winter to try to rescue my skin from cracks, bleeding and pain. Let's not forget the awesome design benefits of Warmboard! Since you don't have to worry about vents, ducts and all that other mechanical stuff, there's no having to adjust furniture to avoid it.

How it all works is pretty simple -- the heat from hot water is transferred from tubing beneath the boards to your house. There's a thick aluminum panel over the entire radiant panel to conduct the heat. The design allows lower water temperatures than any other radiant heat systems. You can have it installed in a new home using a combination sub floor and radiant panel. For existing homes, there's another version that installs over existing subfloor or slab. It can even be installed in ceilings or the walls so existing flooring isn't affected. It's all made from recycled metals and wood from sustainable North American forests. The zoning feature lets you heat each room as you need it, quickly and efficiently. It's also made right here in the United States!

Warmboard radiant heat system is now on my "want" list. I keep going back to the vision in my head of the cozy house that's the perfect temperature, warm bathroom floors after a shower, lower electric bills, and no air blowing around gunk or drying out my skin. All while I sit in a comfy chair, curled up with a cup of hot chocolate listening to Christmas music while watching snow fall outside, icicles dangle from the roof, and the snowmen gleam -- nestled in my Warmboard heated house. Care to join me?

Find out more about Warmboard and how to get your home set up.

This post is sponsored by Warmboard. All information is provided by their website. Photos courtesy of Warmboard, except for title image.

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