January 28, 2016

Establishing Healthy Habits Update and New Goals Jan. 28 - Feb. 11

I've been pushing myself to keep on track with my health goals this year by giving myself healthy habit goals and a challenge each two weeks. Here's how I did the past two weeks and my challenge and goals for the next two. You can read more about why I'm doing this and what I set for myself last time and why here.

Two Week Update on Healthy Habits Goals

The Challenge: No Soda
I'm proud to say I did great with this one! I still keep craving diet Coke, that stuff is so addictive. This is going to become part of my goals for the upcoming weeks.

Drink more water
This one I still need to work on. I was doing great until I got sick, got extremely dehydrated and fell back into my old ways. Slowly, I'm getting back on track. This habit needs more work.

Reach for fruit and veggies instead of unhealthy choices
I'm doing pretty good with this one, but still need improvement.

Watch portions
Proper portions for weight loss is big. Even if it's healthy, if you're eating too much of it, you're not  going to lose weight. The past few months I've been piling way too much on my plate rather than practicing portion control. That's about to change! The majority of my plate is going to be veggies and lean meats with carbs and starches taking a side role. All the foods in moderation, of course. If I'm still hungry, I'll be reaching for those fruits and veggies I have prepped to go.

Exercise a minimum of 60 minutes a week
A big failure on this one. While I got in more movement since I've been doing more cleaning, I didn't get in my 60 minute a week goal. I got 30 minutes one week and that's it. Between battling the tiredness from anemia and then spending one of the weeks sick with stomach flu, exercise didn't happen. I think I need to adjust this given my current health limitations.

The Next Two Weeks of Healthy Habits and a Challenge

In addition to keeping up with the habits I've been establishing, I'm adding a few more. Some are ones I wasn't successful with before as they still need to be a focus.

The Challenge

The last time, exercise was my big downfall. I've decided I need to adjust this to work better with the fatigue and tiredness that comes with having severe anemia. With that in mind, my challenge is going to be to exercise 10 minutes 5 days a week. I figure if I can do that, I can build on it. Weight lifting and pilates are my usual go-to exercises, along with kick boxing and some time with the Wii playing Just Dance.

Healthy Habits

Limit soda
I don't want to fall back into my soda habits so I'm keeping this on the list. Rather than no soda (which I know I can't keep up long term) I'm going to limit myself to one 16 oz soda a week.

Cut back on carbs and sugar
Anyone who knows me knows I've got a major weakness for carbs and sugary treats. Neither of which helps with my goals of being healthier and losing weight. As much as I love bread, pasta, cookies, chocolate, hot chocolate and ice cream, I've got to break the habit. Rather than having a carb with every dinner, I'm going to load up on veggies and skip carbs more often. Less toast, more protein shakes. Healthy eating is about balance though, so I'm not looking to cut the carbs totally, just get everything in moderation. The same goes with sweet treats, though those I'm going to be cutting back on even more. I want to get to the point where I don't rely on having a piece of chocolate or a cookie daily, rather every other day, or even longer. Realistically, I know that'll take time so this two weeks is about cutting back and moderation.

Drink more water
Water, water and more water! Five glasses a day, here I come!

More fruits and veggies
With cutting back on carbs, I want to eat more fruits and veggies. These are the healthy treats I should crave. Fresh fruit is something I keep in the house for M2 and B. Now, I need to eat more myself. While we have veggies with every dinner, my portions need to be larger in that food group.

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  1. Awesome goals. Might I suggest that you make them a bit more tangible than "more"? :) It might help with reaching them.

    1. That is a good suggestion, thank you. I'll take it into account for my next set of goals. :)


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