January 18, 2016

On the Meal Planning Wagon Jan. 19 - Feb. 1, 2016

It's time to plan the next two weeks of dinners in order to stay on the meal planning wagon! So far, it's going well. Do you do meal planning at your house?

Here's what I'll be serving up to the family for the rest of the month:

Meal Planing Menu

1/19 Orange chicken with brown rice and peppers
1/20 Mixed greens salad
1/21 Pizza (crust from scratch)
1/22 White Belgian Ale salmon with jasmine rice and mixed veggies
1/23 Potato soup with Italian bread
1/24 Italian marinated chicken with quinoa and corn
1/25 Steakumms covered in peppers and mozzarella
1/26 Pasta wheels with sauce
1/27 Leftovers
1/28 Mixed greens salad
1/29 Marinated salmon with French cut green beans
1/30 Three cheese baked ziti
1/31 Pork stirfry
2/1 Herb baked chicken with baked potatoes and carrots

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