February 29, 2016

How to Remove Lice without Harsh Chemicals

When I hear the word “lice,” my head immediately starts feeling itchy. Then my face followed by my arms. Never mind that lice stay in your hair, I still end up itching all over. (I’m itching right now just writing this.) Having little kids, the fear of lice is a real one. There’s the dread that one day an automated call is going to come from the school to say that there’s been a lice outbreak. Who wants to deal with creepy, crawly, icky bugs and their tiny eggs in everyone’s hair!? Then there’s the hassle of having to get those gross things out!

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February 26, 2016

Meal Planning: March 1-14, 2016

I'm working ahead this time and have the meal plan set up for March 1 through 14 already. Keep in mind, meal planning isn't set in stone. If you happen to have leftovers that need to be used, there's a really great sale or you come across something that's about to go bad/expire, cook it up. The big goals of meal planning are to save money, which includes reducing waste and avoiding eating out.

Here's what I'll be cooking at our house:

February 24, 2016

Life Balance, Simplified

Sex and the City has been playing on my Kindle often lately. It's 25 minutes of pure entertainment and voyeurism into the lives of four New York City women -- so not at all like my own life, yet I keep finding parallels that get me thinking. Which led to an epiphany in my quest for life balance this year.

February 22, 2016

3 Fun Pudding Treats Kids Can Make

If someone tells you they're making pudding, what do you think of? Probably a bowl of plain chocolate or vanilla pudding. Sounds so exciting - not. That was C's reaction to me talking about pudding. Bored and lack luster. I decided to get creative the other day with chocolate pudding when I discovered C cracked the bottom of our new gallon of milk. What was I going to do with milk that was about to go bad? Either dump it or make something. I don't like to waste food, especially when money is tight, so I decided I was going make one large box and two small boxes of cook-and-serve chocolate pudding. But what to do with it so that it wasn't boring?

A run through the grocery store gave me a few ideas of what to prepare that C and J really enjoyed. Each recipe is super easy, tasty and turn regular pudding into something dressed up and fun. None cost very much to make, either, so they fit into your grocery budget. Since they're so simple, kids can help make them (the younger ones will need you to help them with the stove parts). They'll love creating a yummy treat. Nothing I made lasted very long, it was eaten up before I knew it!

February 17, 2016

My Word of the Year

I've seen this everywhere lately: People picking a word of the year. It's kind of like setting goals, though this would be the overarching goal and theme for the entire year. What is it that sums up all the goals, where you want to be at the end of the year and what the year is going to be all about?

We were talking about this in my wonderful stay-at-home moms' group recently. It got me to thinking what my word of the year should be. It didn't take me long. With all I'm working toward, the answer was clear. Transformation.

February 16, 2016

Meal Planning for Feb. 16 - 29, 2016

Things have been crazy around here the past few weeks so I've been glad that I've at least had meals planned out! More is coming soon about all the craziness so keep an eye out. A post on how to meal plan is also in the works. I'd love to hear how you're meal planning has been going in the comments below. In the meantime, where's what we're eating the rest of the month:

February 12, 2016

The Truth About Breastfeeding, Part 2: Reflux and Life Changes

Breastfeeding a newborn can be challenging, annoying, frustrating, exhausting but oh so rewarding. The many many middle of the night feedings that your significant other can't help with can drive you crazy. The sore cracked nipples doesn't help or the third time you leaked your nursing tank that morning.

Guest poster Laurie is back with the second part of this series. If you missed the first installment, The Journey Begins, you can read it here.

February 11, 2016

Flooring Selection Made Simple

Going to the flooring store and trying to picture what in the world the various choices are going to look like in your home, with your furniture, curtains, lighting and paint, can be daunting. Even bringing home a sample doesn't always cut it as it only covers a small part of your floor so what may look perfect in one spot may not look as great once it's covering the entire floor. Flooring America has come up with a solution to this with the app My Floor Style. The app works for Apple or Android tablets and is easily downloaded in iTunes or the Google Play Store -- for free.

February 9, 2016

Top 21 Valentine's Day Books for Kids

Valentine's Day is just around the corner. If you're looking for a little something to give the kids that doesn't involve chocolate, sugar or stuffed animals, this list of books should help you out. I've included books for kids age newborn to 8 on the list, with varying prices to fit your budget. Some are about Valentine's Day specifically while other are about love. I've thrown in books with classic characters you may recognize from your own childhood to make reading the stories to your kids extra special. New classics make the list, too.

You don't even have to leave the house, since they can be ordered on Amazon. When you have Prime, they'll be at your door in two days at no extra cost -- perfect to get here in time for the day! If you don't have Prime yet, you can get a free 30-day trial when you click this link. You'll get free movie, TV and music streaming, too.

February 8, 2016

5 Romantic (and Frugal) Valentine's Day Dates for Parents

Valentine's Day is almost here! The day that brightens up the cold winter with some heart-warming romance and affection.

As parents, going out to celebrate becomes even more complicated with the need for a babysitter. For us, that isn't even an option since there are only a very few people we can trust to watch M2, let alone M2 AND B. Not to mention the cost, which is hard to cover when finances are tight.

I've come up with 5 romantic, easy-to-do dates that let you spend some special Valentine's Day time with your other half, without breaking the bank or going nutty looking for a sitter. These ideas are crazy simple, perfect for after the kids are in bed, and can even be mixed and matched to suit your preferences. We're doing #1 ourselves this year. Happy Valentine's Day!

February 5, 2016

How to Help Avoid Painful Dental Work

At my most recent dentist appointment, my dentist told me that he's got one of the most hated jobs. No one likes the dentist. Even his young daughter has told him, "Daddy, no one likes you." We debated whether it's the fear of dental work, sound of the drill or painful bills after that causes this extreme dislike.

For me that day, my fear of dental work and a big bill came true. I had a number of cavities in between my teeth that I got filled. If you haven't had fillings between your teeth before, let me tell you this: You don't want them if you don't have to have them. I won't freak you out with the details in case dental work makes you squeamish, so just trust me that they're to be avoided.

February 3, 2016

The Truth About Breastfeeding, Part 1: The Journey Begins

When a women finds out she's expecting there are a million things for her to decide between seeing that positive test and holding her little one in her arms. One big decision is formula or breast feeding? Every woman has her own personal reasons for what she decides. For some women, they aren't able to chose for a variety of reasons. As long as baby gets fed that's what is most important.

Breastfeeding has a number of challenges. Will baby latch well? How to I hold her while nursing? Can I even produce milk? What can I eat that won't hurt baby?

Formula has its own challenges. Which formula is best? Will baby end up being allergic to milk and need soy? What if baby needs a special kind?

Guest-poster Laurie is back today to share what her journey was like in the first in a series of posts.

February 1, 2016

Meal Planning for Feb. 2- 15, 2016

I'm planning out our dinners for the next two weeks. Here's what we'll be having. Hopefully, it'll give you some ideas of what to add to your own menu. How're you doing with meal planning so far this year?

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