February 5, 2016

How to Help Avoid Painful Dental Work

At my most recent dentist appointment, my dentist told me that he's got one of the most hated jobs. No one likes the dentist. Even his young daughter has told him, "Daddy, no one likes you." We debated whether it's the fear of dental work, sound of the drill or painful bills after that causes this extreme dislike.

For me that day, my fear of dental work and a big bill came true. I had a number of cavities in between my teeth that I got filled. If you haven't had fillings between your teeth before, let me tell you this: You don't want them if you don't have to have them. I won't freak you out with the details in case dental work makes you squeamish, so just trust me that they're to be avoided.

While the dentist numbed my mouth so well I didn't fell any of the work or even that side of my face up to my eye for hours, my wallet was beyond sore and my credit card was smoking as I walked out the door. His advice to prevent more cavities like these? Floss. Every day. And do it well. He also reminded me that M2 should be having her teeth flossed.

Flossing isn't fun. Quite frankly, I don't really like it. Having to mess with the floss, wrap it around you fingers, the floss digging into your fingers as you try to jam it between each tooth while having to fit your fingers in your mouth to even get to them doesn't add up to a good time. When you add in trying to do this to a kid as they squirm, scream, fight and wail, the fun factor reaches a big 0. Especially when you get bit trying to cram your fingers in to floss the little pearly teeth.

There's a new way to fix all that though. GumChucks flossing system is like the ninja of flossing -- The Ninja Flossers. With fun nunchuck-shaped double handles that hold the floss taut and make it easy to reach the teeth -- without having to shove your fingers in the mouth -- your flossing dreams come true, assuming you have dreams of flossing. If you don't, you just might after using these.

GumChucks are available for kids and adults with a special ortho option as well. All you need to do is pull out the handles, stick in the floss, floss your or your child's teeth, then press the bottom of the GumChuck on each side to pop the floss out easily. No fuss, no muss. Just easy flossing with more control to combat plaque. You can even get special designer handles if you're feeling fancy.

It works better than regular floss, too. I'm amazed how much the GumChucks get out from between teeth that regular floss doesn't. They even get the dreaded popcorn out easily. My gums don't end up bloody, there's no "something is still stuck" feeling after. With the two BPA-free handles, it's easy to get the floss in the C shape dentists recommend. My mouth feels nice and clean, ready for a good brushing and mouthwash session (dentist's orders). The Gumchucks are so, so simple to use. I love how I can floss more quickly and more effectively with them. (Plus, it's just plain fun to use them. I get way too much enjoyment shooting off the tips. When the handles get dirty, or if I get a cold, I can just pop them in the top rack of the dishwasher to sanitize them easily. To be thrifty, the floss can be reused with a good dunk in Listerine then an air-dry session. The floss is super durable so it's possible to do.

M2 doesn't have any problem with the GumChucks. In fact, she gets upset when I stop. She'll even ask me to do it. Since she is so sensitive and screams when I brush her teeth, I was amazed by this. I can quickly get between each of her teeth to floss them well. The GumChucks really help with her dental hygiene and sensory issues. (Now, if we can get her through a dentist appointment!)

Check out these videos to see more of the GumChucks advantages and see how they work.  More FAQs can be found on their website. You can buy GumChucks online and even on Amazon! On the GumChucks site, it's easy to set up monthly shipments so you don't run out. A starter pack gets you sticks and 12 flossing tips to start. Various size flossing tip refill packages are available, depending on what you need. As a blog reader, you can get 15 percent off when you use the code SAHLIFE15.

I'm hoping my dentist is as pleased with my new flossing regimen next time I go as I am. Here's to no more cavities between my teeth!

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