February 26, 2016

Meal Planning: March 1-14, 2016

I'm working ahead this time and have the meal plan set up for March 1 through 14 already. Keep in mind, meal planning isn't set in stone. If you happen to have leftovers that need to be used, there's a really great sale or you come across something that's about to go bad/expire, cook it up. The big goals of meal planning are to save money, which includes reducing waste and avoiding eating out.

Here's what I'll be cooking at our house:

March 1
Egg noodles topped with gravy along with roasted carrots

March 2
Slow-cooker beef roast with roasted potatoes and mixed veggies

March 3
Pork chops with rice, applesauce and corn

March 4
Orange chicken with fried rice and mandarin orange slices

March 5
Pork roast with mashed potatoes and green beans

March 6
Salmon with green salad

March 7

March 8
Roasted carrots, potatoes, sweet potatoes with quinoa

March 9
Herb chicken thighs with mixed veggies

March 10
Marinated chicken with rice and green beans

March 11
Homemade cheese pizza

March 12
Grandma's baked macaroni and cheese

March 13
Gnochi with cream sauce and mushrooms

March 14
Green salad with Italian bread

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  1. Do you cook to not have leftovers? I didn't see any repeat

    1. I either cook to not have leftovers or we have them for lunch. I cook a big batch of whatever is on the menu for Saturdays and then that's A's lunch for the workweek. If I miscalculate (or the kids don't eat the food like I thought), I change up the menu planning and have a leftovers night instead.


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