February 17, 2016

My Word of the Year

I've seen this everywhere lately: People picking a word of the year. It's kind of like setting goals, though this would be the overarching goal and theme for the entire year. What is it that sums up all the goals, where you want to be at the end of the year and what the year is going to be all about?

We were talking about this in my wonderful stay-at-home moms' group recently. It got me to thinking what my word of the year should be. It didn't take me long. With all I'm working toward, the answer was clear. Transformation.

I want to transform myself and my life in many ways this year. As you read, you'll probably notice something that I did while writing it -- everything fits together and really does form a bigger picture. That lets me know I really did choose the right word!
Transforming my body
It's no secret that I'm working on losing weight this year. My goal is to lose at least 52 pounds this year. I'm simply not comfortable with my weight and am determined to change it for the better. I've been setting two-week goals for myself to help me get that weight off.

Transforming my health
This goes hand in hand with transforming my body. Losing the weight helps with my health. Eating healthier foods, drinking more water, incorporating more movement and exercise into my life, and focusing on my health all goes along with that. I'm dividing body and health transformation into two because it's just that important and that big of a change. You can also lose weight, yet still be unhealthy, or even just gain it all back because it wasn't a total life style change. Neither of those are something I want! I'm going for the whole package.

Transforming my inner self
I am the type of person who worries and stresses to much. I strive for perfection in everything. Even simple things, like which milk to get at the store. I want to be sure it's the right choice, the best thing I can do. As you can imagine, this leads to more inner turmoil than is good for a person. I'm working on letting go of all this. Inner peace is going to be found this year. Expect to see more about this, from what I go through to how I plan to change it, at some point. I haven't quite gotten all my thoughts together yet, when I do I'll share.

Transforming my blog
You may have already noticed a few changes around here. New banner, new tabs, some changes to the layout and follow buttons, small things like that. There are so many things I've been meaning to do that I haven't gotten around to. Slowly, I'm ticking them off the list one by one.

I've also got big plans for what I want to write, how often I post and improving content to give you what you want to read. I want to bring a balance of types of posts to the blog to give you the whole stay-at-home-mom life overview.

Behind-the-scenes things to bring in more much-needed income are also in the works. I'm even thinking about writing a book. The blog is my job and how I make my income so that's always a part of the bigger picture.

Transforming my life balance
Going hand-in-hand with transforming the blog is finding life balance. I often feel that I'm putting too much time into the blog when I should be doing more with the kids or keeping up with the house. Or, that I'm spending too much time with the kids but not enough with A or on my own. It's all about balance and I need to transform my life to find that balance between all the roles I play. (More on balance is coming up soon.)

Transforming my daily life
To transform my life balance, I need to transform my daily life as well to get everything aligned. I want to get on a cleaning schedule, have more activities with the kids, stick to meal planning, not be as attached to social media and electronics, clearing out household items I don't need and organizing so the days run smoother, and other things along those lines.

Transforming my finances
So much has changed in our lives financially over the past year. Using my usual budget, I want to get all the finances in even better order. New ways to save, not spending as much on material goods, focusing on what matters in life and the experiences vs the "stuff."

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  1. That's a great word of the year - good luck with your transforming!!

  2. Transformation is a great word of the year. I've heard of this trend as well and I think it's great and a way to give yourself motivation and to really think about your goals for the year. I think having goals for yourself is a great thing and should be done often.

  3. I like the word transformation. It is a powerful good word.

  4. I want to transform my inner self and become a better person!

  5. This year is all about transformation for me. New baby, getting things more organized and definitely transforming my blog too!

  6. Good on you for choosing a word of the year. I have none and will not be choosing one. I hope that everyone who has one are able to live up to their words

  7. My word of the year is inspiration. :)

  8. "Transformation" is a great word. I haven't tried to have a word of the year. This is a fascinating exercise

  9. transformation is a great word for the year! i hope you truly do see transformation in the areas you mentioned

  10. Great word of the year. Goodluck to your change and transformation.

  11. Elizabeth O.2/19/2016 5:34 AM

    Of all the words of the year posts that I read. This word is one of the most interesting. I love it. Transformation. What better way to make change happen. That's so awesome. Great choice!

  12. Transforming is a great word for the year...very positive

  13. Trasformation is a good motivation! Wish you good luck!

  14. I love your word! In life the only constant thing is change so you always have to be able to transform and make the most of every situation and always adapt the best way possible

  15. Transform is a powerful word. I like it and for me it is a good word.

  16. I think this is a GREAT word to use as your word of the year. I love how much it ties into your future and present!

  17. sounds like a great word to me to transform every thing in your life.
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  18. I love the word. When I was younger my mum use to have a word of the week to help myself and my siblings improve our language skills - perhaps this is something I need to think about doing again. :)

  19. I think it's a great idea to choose a word of the year! I don't think I've chosen one yet, but maybe I should get on that!

  20. I love that transforming is your word of the year. Its a powerful word because it takes action!


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