March 7, 2016

14 Sensory Easter Basket Ideas

Easter is right around the corner. The dreaded basket full of chocolates, jelly beans and other sugar the kids really don't need looms before us. Rather than loading up with sugary treats, here are 14 sensory toys that can be snuck into Easter baskets by a smart mama bunny.

Each is especially perfect for kids with autism, addressing their needs to feel different textures, play with and chew things, or calm overwhelmed senses. Many of these we have for M2, or I want to get. Even B would love them (well, the ones that are age appropriate). There is something for kids of any age on the list.

Happy Easter!

1. Water beads
Tons of fun, without the mess. Soak them over night, drain them, then let the kids have fun playing. We store them with water in an air-tight container for a few weeks.

2. Silicone teething necklaces, pendants and chews
I have a few of the necklaces for when B was teething. M2 decided they were great for her so likes to wear it and chew as she goes.

3. Textured balls
Perfect for babies and for older kids who like to explore different textures.

4. Liquid motion bubbler
This is one of the calming sensory toys I mentioned. ASD kids often find it calming to watch the bubbles fall.

5. Fidgets
These help the kids do exactly what they say -- fidget! Only, it's in a non-distracting way. The fidgets bend and twist to keep fingers occupied.

6. Glitter Tube
Another of the calming sensory toys. Plus, it's pretty!

7. Kinetic Sand
The fun of sand without all the mess since it sticks to itself.

8. Foam
The tiny foam balls stick together to make neat creations, or just smush.

9. Vibrating teether
For kids with oral sensory issues, a vibrating teether can work wonders.

10. Play-Doh
Need I say more? I think we all recognize this one. :)

11. Scented marks
Scribble, color and create with yummy smelling markers.

12. Silly Putty
A classic.

13. Chew Stixx Pencil Toppers
Another especially for kids with oral sensory issues. These toppers are made specifically for chewing.

14. Tempra Paint Sticks 
For the kid who finds paints soothing (and the mom who doesn't like the mess).

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  1. I find kinetic sand to be messy. My girls make a mess of it so they're only allowed to play with it outside.

  2. Easter time is coming very very quick

  3. Omg so many fabulous ideas!!! We gave my daughter teething beads a few years ago! Total

  4. so many good ideas here! love the water beads idea. and we always do play doh in our baskets. it's always a hit! :)

  5. The Jelly Beads are a great idea!

  6. Playdough is always a hit in our house. Great ideas for Easter.

  7. What great ideas for a sensory Easter basket. I have several friends with little ones who'd be interested in your post.

  8. Never heard of water beads, they sound like fun :)

  9. oh some great ideas going to have to try some out with the kids

  10. I like these ideas. It will help kids have more fun and enjoy things. Texture is actually a really great addition to doing things because there's more to feel.

  11. I have always put toys, little books, etc in baskets. But I know I don't want a basket that doesn't have chocolate.

  12. Elizabeth O.3/11/2016 9:55 PM

    Love the ideas! It's so nice to surprise the kids with these treats every year! I miss that so much since the kids are all grown up!

  13. I love these basket ideas. I try to steer away from a lot of candy.

  14. Oh! This Vibrating Teeth looks so great to my niece who has sensory problem. Thanks for sharing.

  15. Easter is coming! These sensory Easter basket ideas are so wonderful! Textured balls seems great! Children love soft, stimulating, unique textured sensory balls!

  16. Easter time is near! Will change that out!

  17. This is a great idea. They definitely don't need the candy.

  18. Great suggestions! Growing up, my grandmother didn't include chocolates or candies in our Easter baskets. She said we didn't need all that sugar, and she was right. Instead, my basket had little toys, books, and fruit. Love the idea of Kinetic Sand. So much fun!

  19. I try to balance the sugar out with non sugar items too. ;) These are good suggestions for a sensory Easter Basket.

  20. I just sent this off to my BFF. Her little guy will love these ideas!

  21. Who doesn't like playdoh it is one of the most fun kids activities ever!

  22. Scented marks are the best. Love the smell

  23. These look so much fun, I love doing Easter baskets and gonna try some of them.


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