March 18, 2016

6 Quick Ways to De-Stress

Any way you cut it, being a stay-at-home mom is stressful. I have 6 quick ways I use regularly to kick stress in the butt. These can be done easily, without eating into an already crazy day too much, and leave you feeling calmer, more positive and happier. In the long run, beating stress can help you find balance, be happier and enjoy your life more.

Every day from the time you wake up until the time you (finally) go to sleep, there are little lives you're responsible for in every way, a house you have to keep up with and clean, finances to figure out and manage, laundry to do, a pantry and fridge to keep stocked, meals to make and clean up after, a husband to take care of and spend time with, plus somehow you have to fit in time for yourself in there, too.

Reducing stress can be hard, but doesn't have to be.


1. Enjoy a cup of tea or coffee

Steep a cup of hot tea, brew up a cup of coffee or keep a pitcher of iced tea in the fridge. Your favorite comfort drink gives you a few moments of enjoyment, even as you're racing around trying to get the kids fed before school. If it a hot beverage goes cold, don't worry -- throw in some ice and have the iced version. Herbal/decaf tea or a decaf coffee is great in the late afternoon or evening. I keep a bunch of my favorite teas on hand so I have a flavor to fit any mood.


2. Listen to music and dance it out

Make up a playlist of your favorite kid-friendly songs or set up a Pandora station of music you love. When you're losing your pep for the day or are on the verge of a breakdown, crank up the music and dance it out. If you don't have the time or aren't in a place where you can dance (like the car) listening still helps the stress go down a few notches. The kids can join in, too.

When life is getting you down, dance it out.

3. Light a candle, melt a tart or diffuse oils

Aromatherapy is a powerful de-stresser. I pick my favorite scent via candle, tart or oils and get to smelling. A nice scent floating around the house helps to lift everyone's mood and make the day seem brighter. At night, a lit candle creates a gentle, pretty atmosphere. Just be sure to keep whatever you're using away from the kids. Having to clean up spilled wax doesn't help stress levels at all. I know that from experience, sadly.


4. Treat yourself to beautiful flowers

Flowers brighten up any day. They add a touch of beauty to any room. Just taking a moment to look at them helps me feel the stress melt away a bit. An added bonus is not even having to go to the store to get them, or go into an account monthly to arrange for some to be delivered. That's why I'm excited about a recent delivery I was sent by BloomsyBox. With BloomsyBox, you can get all of this -- a beautiful hand-tied bouquet of flowers shipped directly to your door via a monthly subscription.

The bouquet is a single variety of specially chosen flowers hand cut from a farm and sent to you within 48 hours so you know they're fresh. All flowers are shipped within 2-4 days of being cut and put together right on the farm. Three different size bouquets are available to choose from for your subscription, which you can pause or cancel at any time. Shipping is included in the cost so you don't get caught having to pay extra. A card comes with the flowers to tell you how to care for them. If you only need a bouquet for a special occasion, rather than monthly, there's an option available for that, too.

I recently got two dozen red roses (my favorite!) through the subscription service. They are absolutely gorgeous. The flowers arrive nicely packed in a box so they weren't damaged. Paper wrapped them for extra protection. I can tell the roses are very fresh by the lush, rich color. The hand-tied red ribbon adds a little something special to the bouquet. All that needs to be done is taking them out, snipping off the ends, adding the flower food and water to a vase then putting in the flowers. The amount of flowers is perfect, especially for the cost. I spend so much time in the kitchen so put them in there to enjoy. If you have a dinner party, they'd make a great centerpiece. House guests would really appreciate a bouquet in their room, I'm sure.

It was at least a week before they started to really wilt. Usually, my flowers don't last that long. If you like drying flowers, these would be perfect for that as they keep their shape and don't drop petals. BloomsyBox flowers are perfect for getting your stress levels down. Find out more and set up your monthly flower-of-the-month subscription.


5. Recognize the positive in your day

Take a few moments to think of the good things about your day. It doesn't have to be anything big, think about the little things that you might otherwise overlook during the craziness of the day. Looking for the good is something I've been working hard on and it's really helping to reduce stress. 


6. Soak in nature's beauty

Being able to admire and enjoy nature whenever I look out my back door is one of the big reasons I so love living in the country. Moving out here and away from the city reduced my stress immensely. Even if you don't live in the country, there are still ways to soak up nature daily.

If the weather's nice, step outside for a few moments and soak in the fresh air and admire the blue of the sky. On rainy days, I pause to listen to the rain falling and smell the drops on the wind. During winter, take notice of the stillness all around. Even looking at a window box, hanging basket or admiring a patch of green grass can help bring blood pressure down a few points and get you better centered again. A simple bird feeder hung on a window or in the yard can get you that connection with nature, too. (Plus, the feeders look pretty in the yard.) When life is really stressful, plan a day to go hiking with the family or on your own to get the calming effects of nature seeping into you. We have a park by us where the kids can play and we can take a nice walk that I love to go to. During picking seasons, we spend a day at a local orchard picking peaches or apples. Then we have healthy food to enjoy, too.

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  1. Taking 10-20 minutes and just meditating works great too :)

  2. For me destressing is a nice hot bubble bath and a glass of wine (plastic glass of course, glass glass is dangerous in the tub)

  3. Flowers do help me destress. They smell so good.

  4. music helps a lot, im always listening to some tune whenever im home.

  5. Flowers would definitely help my Mom destress. She really loves those things. Candles work for me.

  6. Flowers are a great de-stress. I also find coloring to be relaxing.

  7. Thank you for sharing this! I will follow this steps and tips.

  8. Elizabeth O.3/19/2016 11:07 AM

    I make sure I have that much needed me-time! These are all good suggestions, an afternoon tea normally works but sometimes, you just need more!

  9. when i need to de stress i turn off my electronics and watch one of my favorite movies or tv shows. or i also like to read a good book

  10. Nature is definitely a de-stresser for me. That's an excellent idea as far as I'm concerned!

  11. I like to go for a walk and enjoy the flowers and fresh air for a little destress!

  12. Loving this tips, and my favorite was light the candles and I love the smell of oils.

  13. I take 10 more minutes in the bathroom just to relax and think about nothing.

  14. I love all your tips and I do try to do some of them whenever I feel stress, especially the last one. Being with nature really helps me find my zen quickly.

  15. I de-stress by hitting the mountain bike trail. Great post. Forwarding you blog to my wife.

    Where the Wild Things Play

  16. All of these are great ways to destress! Sometimes I feel like I need all of them at once haha I don't often buy flowers for my home because my cats always get at them but I would love to have these beautiful roses!


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