May 16, 2016

Create Gorgeous, Personalized Invites, Cards and Announcements

When it comes to memorable, special events like weddings, baby showers, graduations, first birthdays and birth announcements, a beautiful, personalized invite, announcement and thank you card adds a touch of class. Being able to personalize the cards and envelopes to make them extra polished is the icing on the cake. With Basic Invite, creating the perfect card is easy and fun.

I'm a sucker for pretty, quality stationary so I've been playing around with the site after being invited to order some cards to write this sponsored post. I'm loving how many choices there are, from the picture, text, font and colors of each to the type of paper, color of envelope and what is put on the envelope. There are options for designs and for adding my own photos. While there is suggested text, any of it can be changed to whatever I want it to say. The colors to choose from are almost unlimited -- over 160. So many self-design sites don't have the flexibility and choices I like to have. Basic Invite satisfies my graphic designer side, no question.

Each element of the designs can be changed to whatever color I like best. Any choices I make I can preview instantly, taking out the guesswork of what a color or font may look like. So many sites don't let you see your exact text in the chosen font -- Basic Invite does.

Once the card is perfect, I can pick from over 40 envelope color choices, and decide if I want pre-printed text on them, to finish off the order. Since everything can be customized down to the tiniest detail, any cards I create are truly personal and original. It makes anything I create that much more special and intimate.

Unlike many similar sites, Basic Invite lets you order samples of the exact card I like before having to place a large order. The exact paper, color, design, everything. There's no wondering what it will end up looking like, hoping I didn't just waste time and money on a stack of stationary I'm going to hate.

The site is easy to use, it's so simple to  design stationary. Ordering is equally hassle free, with reasonable shipping time. Cards come in a thick folder to protect them from any bending in the mail.

Having worked in communications and marketing for over 13 years now, I've seen a ton of printed materials. The quality of Basic Invite's cards is great. They look like expensive stationary store cards. The paper is beautiful; thickness is good; printing is clear, bright and brilliant in color; cards fold easily where they are meant to; pens write nicely on the paper without smearing; and the colors are what you'd expect. I am in love with the pearl, satiny look of the premium shimmer paper. Three other paper choices include matte, satin and premium double thick. The envelopes are also thick, have rich color and are self-stick. A very impressive total package anyone would love to get, I'm sure. To be honest, the ones I got courtesy of Basic Invite are so pretty I almost don't want to give them away, I want to keep them myself!

Orders can be for a single card, or many, so Basic Invite works well for any type of card I create (who needs 500 of the same birthday card?). So often, unless I order a large number, prices for printed stationary are crazy high. Basic Invite charges less than I'd pay at a brick-and-mortar store. Score!

Since all the details on the cards can be changed, I decided to try out creating cards for other occasions. Let me say, I'm really liking the site for making personalized birthday, general thank you, thinking of you, mother's day and father's day cards. There are so many neat designs to choose from, I have no problem finding many options for any type of card I want to make. Rather than paying attention to what category the card is listed under, I go through and find designs I like then change up the text. I'm seriously tempted to make up some general thank you and monogrammed note cards to keep on hand. Come Christmas time, I'm going to be looking at Basic Invite to have holiday cards printed up.

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