June 2, 2016

Kitchen and Bathroom Redesign Dreams

I have a habit of dreaming about how I would turn my kitchen and bathroom into dream spaces. Checking out houses, seeing what other people do to decorate their rooms, fascinates me. Home improvement shows? I love 'em. Wandering stores and websites to look at flooring, tiles, fixtures, sinks and accessories delights me.

I like to plan out what I'll change about our bathrooms and kitchen. I have a list of priorities once the opportunity to make my dreams come true presents itself. The site I've been perusing the most lately is PlumbTile since they offer so many options from tons of different brands to make dreams come true. The ceramic tiles available are gorgeous. The site offers many choices from a variety of different companies. How beautiful would a bathroom shower look with glass tiles like these? A glass-tile kitchen back splash is on my "want" list for sure. Shining glass, subway tiles, glass tiles for the floor -- there is so much to choose from.

We have boring, builder mirrors in the bathrooms still. One day, I want to swap them out for nifty wood ones like PlubTile offers. They'd go great with updated vanity sinks. I can never decide what style I like better, fitted into the sink or the newer styles that sit more on top. Then there's the lighting choices to make.

What I don't dream about right now is hardware and faucets. One of the first things we did when we bought our house a few years ago was update the kitchen and bathroom hardware and faucets. Updating hardware is probably the cheapest change you can make. It's simple to do and totally changes the look of cabinets and the entire kitchen. We went from gold to brushed nickle. I hear that gold is coming back into style, but it's just not my taste, especially on our white cabinets. The brushed nickel gives a more polished, country look I think. PlubTile offers tons of choices in this realm as well, along with giving a low-price guarantee and free shipping (who doesn't like free shipping?). Changing out the faucets give the kitchen an easy face-lift, too. Brushed nickle to match the hardware, of course. It was easy enough to do that we didn't even need a plumber, A was able to do all the changes himself while I tackled the hardware swap. Our bathroom faucets are all the same and compliment what is in the kitchen for continuity. The hardware is the same everywhere. The towel rods were updated as soon as we got the house, too, so that they matched the faucets. The boring, overly shiny builder installed ones just had to go. I'm still in love with everything we chose.

Another easy update was the shower heads. We wanted water-efficient ones so swapped out the old ones right away. One day, I do plan to redo the door hardware on the bathrooms. They're still gold for now.

I plan to keep dreaming about my ideal kitchen and bathrooms for now. It's just too much fun to check out all the options and think up all the different ways I could redo the spaces. If I have any questions about different options, there's always the live chat on PlumbTile to help me out.

This post is sponsored by PlumbTile.

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