June 24, 2016

Lady Lullaby and The Road to Dreamland

Music is important at our house, especially at bedtime. We have a routine that involves singing different songs to the kids, their own special song and then different songs each night. Whenever I have the chance to share new music with them, especially of different styles, I like to. The latest music I'm sharing with M2 and B is The Road to Dreamland.

The collection of lullabies brings together calming, soothing music of different styles. Hit the Road to Dreamland is a great jazz medley that gets the kids swaying along. The Sleep That Flits is more folksy, while Dance Like the Wind is more classic. Some songs are ones I recognize and love, like Over the Rainbow (with a twist) and Say Goodnight, Not Goodbye (one of my personal favorites). Even though I’m not a baby or young child and am loving The Road to Dreamland. It is good music for mediation or taking a few minutes to collect my thoughts and calm down during the day. So much music gets me and the kids wired when we need something peaceful to listen to that also keeps us interested. Lady Lullaby’s songs are fantastic for this. It’s music for any age, truly.

 Jane Roman Pitt, known as Lady Lullaby, sings each song with a beautiful, lilting voice that reminds me of classic singers from times long ago. You don’t hear awesome voices like that much anymore! Her music education started with listening to her parents’ classical chamber music, then later listening to folk, pop and jazz. All influences that come through in The Road to Dreamland. She started singing lullabies to prepare for her first grandchild – how sweet is that? While Jane can’t be all our grandmas, we’re all lucky enough to be able to listen to her beautiful lullabies.

 You can learn more about Lady Lullaby and her music on Facebook, Twitter, G+ and her site (where you can also listen to clips of and purchase The Road to Dreamland).

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  1. I am going to pass this suggestion on to my friend who's little girl listens to a local radio station to fall asleep each night. This would be much more peaceful.

  2. I've never made music a part of our bedtime routine. I think it would have really helped our kids when they were a little younger. We used a white noise machine for awhile but I think music would have really been better.

  3. Awesome review! My twins listen to a CD every night before bed, and I am so sick of the one they have now. This sounds like the perfect new choice.

  4. I sometimes turn my favorite music on during our bedtime, especially when I am having a hard time sleeping.

  5. Thanks for this review. That CD sounds to be very interesting and is definitely worth trying,


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