July 15, 2016

How to Keep Hard Floors Sparkling Clean

With two small kids in the house, my floors are always getting covered in dirt, food and grime. Baby B has a bad habit of throwing all his food, while M2 drops whatever she doesn't like on the floor. I swear, I'm having to sweep and mop it at least five times a day, after every meal and snack. If I don't, the gunk gets tracked all over the house, our feet get dirty and the ants move in. Eww, eww and EWW.

I don't have the time to spend doing a long, involved cleaning every time. Mama has other stuff to do! I need a quick, easy way that gets the floor clean without taking me forever (since while I'm doing that, the kids are off on a mission to create the next mess). To help me with all this miss, the kind O-Cedar folks sent me their easy wring spin mop and bucket system and sponsored this post so I could give you my opinion of it.

The mop system comes with everything you need, rather than having to buy a bunch of different products. It's easy to purchase on Amazon (affiliate link) so you can have it shipped right to your door without ever leaving the house. O-Cedar has been making products since 1906, over 100 years, so they've got a good handle on what is needed to get a home clean.

The telescoping handle is one of my favorite features, since it lets me easily reach under the table, chairs, cabinets and into corners. Other mops I've used I can't do that, it simply doesn't reach far enough. I end up stuck having to move everything around, taking up even more time to clean up the floor. The O-Cedar easy wring mop also has a pointed head so all the grime in the corners can be cleaned up without difficulty. Another win for mom!

The microfiber mop is absorbent and good enough at cleaning that I don't have to constantly be rinsing and wringing. When I do, I find it easy to put the mop in the bucket, step on the pedal and rinse it off/wring it out, then keep going with my cleaning. Many mop systems don't allow me to do all that without a major hassle. Some, you can't even rinse off, the cleaning part has to be thrown out and another put on. I noticed that if the mop is still too wet after spinning, dumping out some water from the bucket solves the problem. Too much water = a too-wet mop. The splash guard keeps the water in the bucket.

Speaking of throwing out mop heads, the O-Cedar mop has a machine washable mop head. I can pull it off, throw it in the wash, and be ready to go again when it's done. Additional mop heads can be bought (I haven't gotten one yet) so that mopping can still be done while the first is being washed. It would be nice if the system came with a few to start with. Without multiples, I have to wait in between cleanings to mop, plus wash it every day, which isn't convenient at all. I end up using it as long as possible, then fill in with another mop while it's being washed during my weekly washing. The mop head does work well, getting up all the yucky stuff from the floors without damaging them.

You can check out more about the mop on Facebook, Twitter and Amazon.

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  1. O-Cedar is awesome. They make great products, and this mop looks to be one of them. I feel like mopping is a full time job, it's nice to have a mop that works well :) Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Interesting mop! I feel sometimes that i can't believe I just mopped! am going to check more into this product. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I've never used this brand before, but it sounds like it worked well for you! I'll check this brand out the next time I need a mop.


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