August 22, 2016

What to Know About Used Car Safety and Open Recalls

As a mom, I worry extra about having my kids in a safe car. I also try to save money where ever we can since having kids is expensive. Needing to save means considering used cars when the time comes to get a new one. I've always thought that going with a well-known dealer rather than a private seller to buy a used car was a better route. To me, it means that the car gets looked at first by their mechanics -- which also means the car wouldn't be one that has outstanding, unfixed recalls. It's a major safety risk to buy a car with an open recall -- who knows what all will be involved to fix it, or if it is even fixable at all!

Given my expectations, I was shocked when I read a recent press release about CarMax selling cars with open recalls. They're a big name most of us had hear of, I couldn't believe that they're selling unsafe cars! So many people must unwittingly be buying cars with recalls. Since they don't know about it, the issues may not get fixed. Scary stuff when it's a serious recall! Many times, even if the buyer knows about the recall, it can't be fixed because a fix isn't available or there's a parts shortage.

I was happy to hear that AutoNation, another used car dealer, doesn't have these issues. They set the auto industry standard with their policy not to sell cars with open recalls, so are a great alternative to look at when buying a used vehicle. I know when the time comes for us to consider getting another car, I'll be paying AutoNation a visit. My kids and car safety is too important to risk!

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  1. I have never bought a used car before so I would not have really thought about recalls. This is excellent information to pass onto others. Thank you for writing it. Safety is extremely important and not to be taken lightly.

  2. I'm shocked that Carmax does that! Or that it's even possible! It should not happen. When I was researching baby items for my newborn, it seems like all the information pointed to buying new vs buying used. I guess this extends to cars as well.

  3. Wow! That is super scary that they sell cars with open recalls on them. I had no idea. I'm so happy that I read this, and would definitely only consider a place like AutoNation instead.

  4. Wow. Shame on Carmax. I'm surprised they would be this careless.


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