August 1, 2016

When Life Happens

John Lennon once said, "Life is what happens when you're busy making plans." He was quite right. Life around here has been crazy the past month. Out of control, really. One thing after another has caused so much stress, worry and eaten up time unexpectedly. We didn't see any of it coming, as tends to happen.

Facing a Possible Layoff When You Have a Family

At the start of the month, we found out A's job would be doing layoffs after reading an article in the news. Many people were going to be let go. No department and no one was safe. We had no idea what was coming. All we could do was wait. Job loss when we have already tight finances, only one steady income, a family and a special-needs child would be disastrous for us. Of course, this happened just after we got a new roof and we'd finally gotten our finances under control again after last year's pay cut. I started to wonder if we should have skipped the roof, but considering pieces flew off and were found around the yard after every strong breeze, that wouldn't have been a wise idea. A and I were both stressed to the max, waiting and coming up with backup plans should the worst happen.

Job Hunting When You Have an Autistic Child

I spruced up my resume and started looking for jobs, since blogging and freelancing is a feast or famine profession -- you never know how much money you're actually going to bring in each month. It's great when we have another income, but if we've only got one and have a family to take care of, it's not something I want to put all the eggs in one basket for. Sadly, my finding a job is even harder than normal as I'd have to be able to work from home and hire a nanny, as M2 can't be in daycare due to complications from her autism. There are not many work-from-home jobs out there, let alone ones that pay a good, steady income! I got lucky and found one job that looked great. After applying, I never heard back.

After a few weeks of high-level stress, we found out A's job is safe. For now. Many people were let go, sadly. We have no idea what will happen next or when.

Facing a Flood

The day after we found that out, and we could finally breathe a bit better, we had a flood. An outdoor water line was leaking water inside. The wall, insulation and carpet were ruined. At first, we thought one of the cats had peed on the carpet since we could smell it. Once we found the spot, it was 5x7 feet of solid wet mess. That is one heck of a lot of cat pee! A went out at 11:30 at night to rent a carpet cleaner to try to clean it up after tons of towels and rolls of paper towels didn't even make a dent in the mess. It didn't help.

The next morning, he noticed the leak behind the wall that was soaking down into the carpet. While it's annoying the cat peed on the carpet (you could smell it through the entire house since the water leak spread it), we wouldn't have known the leak was there and would have had more damage if he hadn't. There was no way to save the carpet. We ripped out the completely soaked 5x7 portion, dried it out with a dehumidifier and got a rug to cover the spot for the moment. Before long, we're going to have to replace all 420 square feet of carpet since there's no way to replace only a section. Plus, with all the water and humidity, I don't trust the rest of the carpet. Sadly, it was the only flooring in the house that didn't need to be replaced.

We've also got a 4 foot wide, floor to ceiling hole in the wall with the insulation missing as it all had to be ripped out as well. All of that has to be replaced before winter, along with having the plumbing issue fixed (for now, the water is shut off there). A pricey, stressful mess we didn't need! The wall will be a DIY project, but the carpet we'll have to hire someone to do. Expect a DIY wall repair post to happen. The upside is while we had the carpet cleaner, all the carpets in the house got cleaned finally. So much for finances finally being under control!

Tightening Finances

We're back to having to be extremely frugal and cutting whatever we possibly can. Money is tighter than ever with these huge, unexpected expenses and unknown future. I'm sticking closely to my money saving grocery tips, ways to save on the grocery budgetcheap snack ideas, ways to budget, and other ways to save money. Expect to see plenty of frugal recipes on the blog and photos over on social media (be sure to follow me there so you don't miss any! FacebookTwitterInstagram and Pinterest) We got a huge bunch of fresh produce that I've been sharing about.

Finding Out Your Second Child is Speech Delayed and Possibly Autistic

Next, baby B was officially diagnosed with a speech delay, as M2 was at his age. While going through evaluations, the therapists also noticed that he is showing signs of autism. It's too early to tell yet if he is on the spectrum as well since he's so young and some of it could be his copying M2. There is now way to tell. For now, he's being set up with speech therapy, which starts next month. I can't help  but remember what it was like when M2 was first diagnosed with autism and what it is like having a child with a speech delay.

Weight Loss Plateau Madness

As the icing on the cake, my weight loss journey has hit a plateau. For the past few weeks, the scale tells me I've gained a pound. Then lost it. Then gained it. It's a vicious cycle that adjusting my calorie intake and exercise isn't helping. More to come on all that is going on with the lack of weight loss in another post, as this one is long enough as it is.


I did manage to redesign the blog this past week. I hope you enjoy the new, easier-to-navigate, modern site. I am loving the new banner, M2 help me set up the photo. All my social media, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest, have been updated to match the new look as well. Stop by and say hi! I'd love to hear what you think of the new blog design in the comments below.

Now you're caught up and can see why I've been a bit quieter this month than usual -- life happened, despite my plans.

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  1. I'll be praying for your family. Life gets tough sometimes. Congrats on the new blog design though:)

  2. Life has an uncanny knack for throwing us curveballs. Glad to see that the job is holding steady. Take it one day at a time and Ill be sending good vibes your way!

  3. Ughhh I feel ya on the job thing! Hubbys former job, the company decided to move to another city back in June -_- long story short hubby took the first job similar to what he was doing that he could find and ughh.... It sucks.... So he's working that crappy job while looking for the right one -_-

  4. I can really empathize with how you're feeling regarding your second child and the speech delay. We faced similar circumstances, which resulted in a diagnosis of Childhood Apraxia of Speech. My family's schedule revolves around multiple speech therapy appointments each week. Being a parent is difficult - and when our babies have particular needs and require an extra measure of care, it can get pretty tiring. It's always worth it, of course, but boy is it tiring! It sounds like you are an excellent parent doing all you can keep your family running smoothly. Sending you a virtual hug and high-five!

    By the way, I agree that your banner looks great!

  5. The new blog design is sleeker! I remember all too well worrying about my dad's income, layoffs, cutbacks, if we would keep our house. I'm so sorry you have been under such stress. You're right that B could be imitating M2. Will keep you in my thoughts and prayers <3


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