September 1, 2016

Create the Perfect Candy Buffet

A seasonal candy buffet is perfect for any event any time during the year -- from baby showers and weddings to graduations and holiday celebrations, there are candies to add some more fun to your party. Plus, just seeing the delicious goodies brings back memories of being a child in a candy store. Who didn't love that feeling?  With an eye for design and some simple tips, you can easily turn an ordinary space into a candy oasis.

The key is balance and moderation, using colors, pretty dishes and height adjustment to create a stunning seasonal candy buffet. (A box under some fabric raises a candy dish easily.) You can use multiple colored candies or, for a more elegant table, use different shades of the same colors.

Here are a few candy suggestions for each season:

Think pastels (like spring M&Ms, Necco Wafers and pastel Dots) and flower- bunny- or chick-shaped candy.

Keep with colors of spring but in a darker hue, such as regular M&Ms, Skittles, designer candies, licorice ropes, cotton candy and giant suckers.

Autumn is perfect for milk and dark chocolates and a variety of caramels. Consider a wide range of each, along with candy corn and seasonal-shaped marshmallows.

Wrapped foil candies,  traditional style and fun-colored peppermint sticks, and any holiday-themed candies are a good way to go.

Contact your favorite bulk candy supplier for more ideas.

This post is sponsored by Sweet Services.

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  1. This is great! My daughter's turning 7 on february and i could really set up something like this.


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