September 23, 2016

How to Get Kids Motivated and Goal Setting

Let's face it, in today's world, most kids are online and on phones. It can be hard to get them motivated to do chores, homework, family time, anything really. We know motivation is the key to success in life, though. So as parents who are struggling to connect with our kids and get them on the right track, what can we do?

GoalUp is a parental tool to help get kids where they need to be and gives parents the ability to connect with their child where they are -- online and on phones. It's a fun, unique way for parents to help their child learn how to define and track goals, with the opportunity to reward the child as they go. Most of all, it gets kids motivated and helps you get less frustrated when laundry isn't put away, school work isn't done or grades are slipping. I think we all have to admit that when things are on track and getting done, the household runs smoother and everyone is happier.

Setting goals is an important skill for kids to learn, even at a young age. When they have parent support and help in achieving the goals -- along with a fun incentive -- it drives the message home. With GoalUp, parents and kids can set SMART goals to help instill the value of needing to work for what you want and setting goals along the way to keep you on track. The term SMART helps you and your child remember how to set a good goal -- it should be Specific, Measurable, Attainable/Achievable, Realistic and Timely.

It's free to sign up for a GoalUp account. You can add your child's info and email, so they can view their goals and progress as well. It's fully customizable, allowing you and your child to pick the goals and benchmarks that work best -- whether it be reading, homework, laundry, kitchen duty or other goals, it's all up to you and your child. Points can be purchased online and then given as awards.
Kids are empowered to reach their goals because they have a say, control and can see their own progress as they go. Reaching each goal helps kids to feel in control so they keep working harder.

The app interface gives options to set a goal, give an on-the-spot award, see your points and connect with your child via note, ecard or certificate. Going into the dashboard, you can view all the goals, the goals that your child has marked as complete that you need to approve and goals that are outstanding. The app takes some finagling to figure out, I found it easier to work with online once it was set up. There are many more options online, such as seeing point redemption history and a performance board to better track goals. All past goals, notes, ecards, etc., are saved to the scrapbook to view achievements.

You can learn more at GoalUp to get your account set up and start getting your kid off the couch and folding the laundry. After all, who wouldn't like a little more help from the kids and more peace around the house?

This post is sponsored by GoalUp. All photos were provided courtesy of GoalUp.

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  1. I've heard of GoalUp before! I've been wanting to try it out! Now I think I would!

  2. What a cool app. My kids would really get into it. They like anything where they can earn points!

  3. Ooooo this sounds great!! I really do need to get my daughter doing more work around the house!


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