September 9, 2016

How to Help Kids with Sensory Issues Eat Healthy

With children who have autism spectrum disorder and/or sensory processing disorder, getting them to eat healthy can be a struggle. Honestly, getting them to eat at all is often a giant battle royale. Textures, temps and seasonings are big issue. M2 gets upset and won't eat a food if you so much as call it something different (such as saying "salmon" instead of "fish"). I am in love with the easy options Bambinos Baby Food, a natural, organic, healthy baby food delivery service, gives to up the health factor in M2's and B's meals.

What works great for sensory kids, babies who are exploring new foods and their mamas is that you control the texture. Defrost the stars slightly for something crunchy. Defrost a bit more for a more balanced crunch/mushy. All the way down to totally defrosting it for your traditional baby food -- that you can thin with water if needed. Even the temperature can be adjusted since it's all fully cooked already. Babies can use them for teething, too, and as healthy popsicle snacks.

A big issue with my kids is often seasonings. Too much means M2 and B won't eat the food. With babies, too many seasonings overload their tiny taste buds that are just starting to explore flavors. Bambinos relies entirely on the flavor blends, without a ton of seasonings that can cause aversions. The icing on the cake is that it's healthy, nutritious food that's ready to go based on what the child/baby wants to eat that day. In short, it is awesome (I can't compliment it enough)!

The food is organic, kosher, fresh, based on a Mediterranean diet and created  by a fellow mama with a medical background. To top it off, it tastes awesome. We're talking fresh veggies, filet mignon, halibut and salmon here, mamas -- yummy stuff. The food is made fresh from organic foods farmed specifically for Bambinos in Alaska's natural soils with nutrient-rich glacier waters. No preservatives, no additives, all based on your child's dietary needs. Then it's flash-frozen (to retain all the nutrients) in star shapes and put into resealable pouches so you can easily take out an exact portion.

Speaking of nutrients, so many are packed into these frozen baby food star-shaped meals. It's got all the nourishment baby needs to thrive. A mom friend of mine who has a child with multiple food allergies checked out the Bambinos site and mentioned how the foods don't have the common foods that cause allergies, yet are in most baby foods. There are baby food options to help babies avoid developing peanut allergies as well.

It's called baby food, though really, even adults can eat it. I've eaten some of it myself (there's actually some of the delish beef stew defrosting for my lunch tomorrow as I write this). The very nice owner of Bambinos, the lovely Zoi Mardaous, told me she has chemo and gastric bypass patients. Considering how good it tastes, the easy portions and options of what texture/temperature you want, along with all the nutrients packed into the food, I can totally see why. If you're trying to eat healthier and/or lose weight, hate to cook or don't have much time to, the stars would be an easy way to treat yourself right. Plus, there's no cooking multiple dishes, or any at all for that matter. With Bambinos baby food subscriptions service, you order what you want and it's conveniently delivered to your front door. Everything is portioned out, so you can pull out of the freezer some of whatever the kids want along with a few for you, defrost and go.

The selections include stews, veggies, fish dishes, chicken dishes, breakfast cereal, noodle dishes and cookies. Something from which every sensory kid can choose and that every baby will enjoy being introduced to. There are gluten free, vegetarian, pescetarian, vegan and combo options as well. Place an order, and Bambinos Baby Food is shipped to your door within a week, packed well with ice so it arrives on your front door still frozen.

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  1. This is really interesting information! I could see how texture and seasonings could really affect kids with sensory issues.

  2. Great suggestions!!!! It's so hard to get my kiddos to eat!!! She's obsessed with ABC's at the moment so I have been buying anything abc shaped that I can find!!!

  3. Such great tips. I never thought that because of sensory issues, food could be an issue but that makes perfect sense now that I read your post.


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